Yodas prove too strong for Jedis team

Week eight of the competition saw the Yodas and the Jedis meeting up for the third time this season.

The Jedis were keen to show the Yodas that even though they had been the victors on the other two occasions; that they might just be able to take home the bacon this time.

Robyn and Destiny combined well in the first round to put what they determined would be the Jedis stamp on the match.

The Yodas pair Martina and Ruth were a little taken aback to be beaten by five points in the first game.

They consolidated their approach in the second but the Jedis duo were on a roll and managed to score perfectly with a 42:34 point win.

This was the only perfect score recorded for the Jedis for the entire match.

The Yodas were however not willing to concede any more points.

After the first round they had a 15 point advantage upon which they steadily built as the games ensued.

The Yodas added another 13 points to their stash in the second.

This was mainly due to the stellar effort put in by Tricky Trez and Martina his trusty offsider, winning by a clear margin of 16 in the fourth line up of the night.

When Santhosh and Destiny of the Jedis encountered Meng and Martina of the Yodas, they had the last say with a 21:19 win in the second game but it was not enough to redeem their 21:15 loss in the first.

Greg Fidge and Robyn Holthouse of the Jedis attempted to narrow the gap when they took on Gary Holthouse and Ruth Jacka in the fourth round of proceedings.

Gary and Ruth were triumphant in the first but only just, with a win of 21:20 at the change of ends. Greg and Robyn lifted their game taking it right up to the Yodas pair, measure for measure.

Robyn covered the net, and Greg took full advantage of all the high shuttles that came his way, ripe for the picking.

The Jedis pair won this mixed doubles bout 41 to 40.

Novices Martina and Destiny continue to improve week by week.

They are evenly matched which means that every time they face off in the singles, there is no telling who might come away with the elusive 15 points under their belt.

This week it was Martina's turn but Destiny took the challenge right up to the wire, having fought and won 13 well-earned points to add to the Jedis side of the scoreboard.

Heading into the fifth round the Jedis were trailing by 46 points.

The Yodas only needed 11 more points to take the match outright.

The Jedis were in an impossible situation.

In spite of this Nathan and Robyn gave it their best shot when up against the emboldened Yodas pair.

Trez and Ruth, who rounded out the Yodas night scored perfectly with a win of 18 points.

YODAS 419 defeated JEDIS 358