Success abounds for Adams sisters

SOFTBALL ACHIEVEMENTS: Zali and Neve Adams, students at John Pirie Secondary School with their Australian uniforms.
SOFTBALL ACHIEVEMENTS: Zali and Neve Adams, students at John Pirie Secondary School with their Australian uniforms.

The sisters from the Adams family have become quite a household name in the softball world and now Zali and Neve are taking their talents to new extremes, competing at two prestigious events this coming school holidays.

Zali left for Mankato in Minnesota on June 28 to play in the Pepper Classic Tournament representing the Australian Diamonds under 17 team, which will see 18 teams come together to play, train and learn.

With a fair amount of state, national and international experience under her belt, Zali is looking forward to learning about the topics not so commonly explored in her other competitions.

"I am looking to learn how to mentally approach games as well as the different training sessions which will include the behind the scenes of softball," she said.

The training sessions will be alongside the Aussie Peppers professional team as well as the national pro-pitch fast national league, experiences that Zali has worked hard for.

"It feels like everything I have worked for has come together, it is a big achievement."

Younger sister Neve heads off to Brisbane on July 5 to play in the International Under 15 Friendship Series which brings together teams from across Australia as well as a New Zealand team.

Although Neve has had previous international experience, she says that this tour is more professional and provides more experiences in terms of squad development.

"They never used to do the junior squads like this, they have just started doing it because the states are so well advanced in their softball, they do a lot of the junior squads and that's what they are trying to get Australia to do," she said.

The sisters are thankful for the support of the Port Pirie Sporting Association and Nyrstar who have provided them financial support to reach these milestones.

"They have supported these girls with their state and international trips. Without them, it would make things a lot harder. To have their sponsorship and to help us financially is huge and we might not be able to do them," Justina Adams, the sister's mother said.

In 2018, the sisters had their first international debut when they went to Japan to play against highly developed school teams in Chiba, Toyko and Ota.