Competition heats up with Yodas, Jedis

In spite of the mercury dipping to a low 1.5 degrees overnight last Wednesday the competition ran hot in the John Pirie Secondary School Gym.

It was time for the Yodas to front up against the Jedis for the second time this season.

On the first occasion the Yodas won the match with a slim 12 point margin.

The Jedis were keen to even out the score on this their second encounter.

It was however the Yodas who drew first blood when Gary Holthouse and Trez only allowed Jedis pair; Greg and Fong to score a mere 12 points in the first game of the match.

As is often the case though, a change of perspective also brings a change of mindset.

The Jedis pair solidified their game plan and it paid off for them.

They almost had the second game in the bag.

A last minute streak by the Yodas put paid to that notion though and in no time at all the scores were levelled at 20:20.

Trez took advantage of a mid-court, head high delivery by Fong thus grabbing the game for the Yodas with an unanswerable smash to the back of the court.

The Jedis were triumphant in the second round thus bringing the margin back to just three points heading into the third.

It was at this stage of the match that the Jedis changed the course of the game, albeit temporarily.

They grabbed back the three-point deficit in no time at all, building on it to the tune of a 15 point lead!

Santhosh and Destiny scored perfectly to outscore Meng and Martina by a massive 14 points.

At the same time Greg Fidge and Nathan Woolford were dishing out a drubbing of their own to Gary Holthouse and Ruth Jacka.

It looked like the Jedis were going to even up the score once and for all.

After the fourth round the Jedis were still leading by 10 points.

It was when Trez and Ruth of the Yodas took on novices Fong and Nathan that things started to unravel for the Jedis.

Trez and Ruth scored a perfect 42 to the Jedis 30.

Trez and Ruth played front and back while Fong and Nathan stuck to their not so tried and true side by side mode of play.

Trez took advantage of every opportunity to smash the shuttle out of the Jedis reach.

The Yodas were back in control after the fifth round.

Martina and Destiny usually go head to head in their singles but on this occasion it was Martina who held the upper hand.

In their doubles games, Destiny had won three out of the four line ups.

For the most part though, these two are more or less evenly matched.

It was in the fifth round that the Yodas well and truly put their stamp on the match, having been down by 10 points they clawed their way back to win by 15 points overall.

YODAS 431 defeated JEDIS 416.