Pirie paws hit pavement for RSPCA walk

It was a walk specifically for the four-legged friends of Port Pirie and together with their owners they were able to raise $1,150 for the RSPCA.

Hitting the paths of Memorial Park on Sunday, May 19 about 25 dogs and 40 owners gathered at the Merlino Gates before completing the two kilometre Million Paws Walk.

The walk's organiser, Danielle Wicks was incredibly delighted with this year's turn out, especially given the weather forecast, but explains that she is happy more people are learning about the event.

"I am quite happy with this turn out as I was concerned the weather forecast would keep everyone away. Last year we had about 30 dogs, so not far off. We also had almost triple the amount register online before the day this years, which shows me that more people are learning about the event earlier," she said.

In its second consecutive year, Danielle is grateful that more people in Port Pirie are starting to support it and learn about the RSPCA.

She says that Port Pirie is a town of animal lovers and the community spirit is evident in most events, especially one that involves dogs.

"We have no other fundraising event like this with the sole focus on dogs and protection of animals. it is also good to have something you not only don't need to be concerned about bringing your four legged best friend with you, but it is in fact celebrated!

"We have a great community spirit in Port Pirie and it definitely shines with events like these," Danielle explained.

The event has received very positive feedback and will definitely be going ahead in 2020.

Danielle says that they will always hope for bigger and better and look for more ways to improve.

"I am very grateful to be able to have this opportunity in Port Pirie, and for the support this event receives. I appreciate all effort made by everyone, but considering how bad the weather was looking for the day, I am even more grateful and proud of everyone's participation on the day. I am looking forward to next year."