A powerhouse for panels

SA Regional Solar started in Port Pirie in 2011 and has grown through its affiliate program to service nation-wide clients.

Dan, the current managing director, was a 22-year-old electrician at the time, not afraid of challenging conditions to install solar systems as a contractor for national PV sales companies.

Realising that solar energy impacts on families, homes and businesses, it was evident that solar was something everyone should invest in.

Dan started his sales division and offered consumers a full package that would outperform the competition.

A 100 per cent customer satisfaction policy ensures they continuously invest time and effort to ensure client satisfaction.

By building relationships and treating all customers equally, their level of commitment remains consistent.

With a growing team of industry professionals and technical staff, they value their people, their most important asset.

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Thus, customers gain, enabling them to create win-win situations every time.

At SA Regional Solar, you are talking to the experts.

With reliability and performance characteristics backed by quality workmanship, they guarantee customers win when choosing SA Regional Solar.

They also offer finance solutions for their clients.

With projects ranging from small 5KW to 220MW, they have vast experience in products, installation, engineering, procurement and construction of different solar systems.

They train and employ local electricians to the highest standards to consistently maintain their multiple accreditations.

Their products are carefully chosen for performance, reliability, warranty and local representation with stringent quality control measures.

They have a direct affiliation with their product's companies, giving clients peace of mind that your investment is safe.