Nosey Parker: From the 1957 archives

1999: Farewell to Central owners. Jack Mavromatis, Derek Sutherland, James 'Pixie' Atwell, Joe Ulseth, Nick Capurso, Graham Saunders, Dot Maynard and David Gianoni.
1999: Farewell to Central owners. Jack Mavromatis, Derek Sutherland, James 'Pixie' Atwell, Joe Ulseth, Nick Capurso, Graham Saunders, Dot Maynard and David Gianoni.

A Miss Ballroom quest was won by Rita Madigan from Helen Bateson, Mariene Connors, Margaret Size, Betty Stockman, Betty James, Betty Norrish, June Carwana, Andrea Fowler, Lynette Thompson, Bev Durward, Yolande Hart, Yvonne Patek, Joan Blinman, Beverley Lowe, Margaret Langeberg, Barbara Grocke and Joan Brown.

Prompt action by 18-year-old Stuart Miller saved a young boy from drowning at Solomontown Beach.

Production of bricks at the Brick Manufacturers LTD on Port Davis Road has reached 30,000 per week. A rise of 8,000 a week since the early part of the year.

Nurses Carol Key and Pam Sard of the Port Pirie Hospital staff passed their final examinations which was conducted by the South Australian Nurse's Board.

Port Pirie High School annual awards night at the Ozone Theatre. IA: Maxine Connor, Alan Burgess, John Ellis. IB: Raymond Driscoll, Gail Leske, Wayne Bonner. IC: Elaine Blight, Janette Webb, Joan Honniball. ID: Colin Waters, Rodney Fowler, Malcolm Taylor. IE: Craig Thomas, Peter McCauley, Ern Nunn. IIG: Diane Welch, Judith Potter, Ian Davies. IIC1: Pamela Gardiner, Jennifer Leane, Janet Schmidt. IIC2: Joyleen Byrnes, Fay Coulter, Barbara Heller. IIT1: George Branford, David Crocker, Adrian Baldwin. IIT2: Ivan George, Darren Baar, Colin Scott. IIIG: George Alexander, Meryl Jenner, Ronald Wauchope. IIIC: Valerie Jose, Joyce Crook, Beth Rohrsheim.

Rugged Gawler rider Geoff Moritz won the Port Pirie Cycle Club 'Tour of the North' from Steve Taylor with the fastest time by Clem Bairstow.

Doug Adams won the Port Pirie Golf Championships for the 15th time in succession.

Open fights in fiery football, two full-blooded fights and numerous incidents sparked a draw out last quarter of the Port- Solomontown game at Memorial Oval.

Port Pirie combined women's basketball teams played Whyalla. No.1 team, Helen Dawson, Melva Baker, Peggy Lane, May Lemm, Mary Speck, Lorna Conlin, Mary Demarco. No 2. team, Elba Piggott, Betty Perryman, Annette Edwards, Shirley Veitch, Daphne Hutchinson, Kay Powell, Pat Halvorsen, Pat Davis, Mary Walsh and Jennifer Nicholls.

Des Laube wins the school boys medal from T. Minervini and T.Thompson.

Nosey Parker... with Des Parker OAM.

Nosey Parker... with Des Parker OAM.

Housing trust extends southward, land acquired for 120 houses. They will be built between Senate Road and Port Davis Road.

The Port Pirie team to play the Port Augusta soccer team was C.Adriaens, V.Caputo, C.Economis, P.Hellmanns, H.Sydow, J.Beaucaris, W.Van Keulen, D.Sgherza, T.Nappi, M.Aucharich, N.Williams, reserves were D.Angione and G.Valenti.

Pirie shop assistant Rosie Spartalis was Miss Picnic with Fay Brakenridge 2nd June Carwana and 3rd with June Ayliffe equal third. The babies winners were up to six months, Rosalie Freer and Wendy Sullivan. Boys up to six months were Glenn Smith, Garry Diggens, Paul Savage. Girls six to 12 months were Lynette Bond, Andrea Sorenson and Annette Burgan. Boys six to 12 months were Brenton Howell, Peter Footner, Anthony Williams. Champion baby girl was Lynette Bond, champion baby boy was Brenton Howell.

Port Pirie combined cricket team to play Whyalla, they were: E.Button as captain, B.Veitch, G.Neagle, K.Madigan, J.Davies, L.Colman, K.Diggens, M.Stone, L.Bonner, G.Zubrinich, M.Coomblas and T.Ferme.

Port Pirie fishing fleet was blessed for the first time. Their were 35 craft with banners and flags blowing in the wind. Dr Bryan Gallagher, Bishop of Port Pirie blessed the fleet before a crowd of 5,000. This was the first time this happened in our city.

2,500 enjoy the Solomontown Football Club picnic at Broad Creek. Eight bus loads of supporters and 200 cars made the 11 mile trip to the picnic.