What or who do you elect to rule life?

With the election just gone, I need to say, that we need to honour all candidates and appreciate that they had the guts to stand up and say they wanted to help our nation, speak up for our nation, and serve our nation.

Listen, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't mean that I have the right to hate someone, or vilify someone or post some half-truth on social media about someone, who doesn't agree with me on my opinion.

Thank God in this nation we still get to choose!

What do you give the right to have some influence over your life?

In this election as a nation we got to choose certain candidates who are going to need an ability, to determine rules that will govern our nation and possibly affect another generation with hope and purpose.

But let me make this more personal, because who we elected, also gets to mess with our lives as well.

Our homes our families our future etc.

So, let me ask this question, who... or what do you choose to give power over your life.

A lot of candidates spent most of their time trying to convince us of what they stand for.

Let me take this more to a more personal level. What you choose to have authority in your life is what you're going to serve with your life, your abilities, your time, your health, your finances, your resources!

Jesus said that he was the same yesterday today and forever so if you want a candidate who has the ability to help you in any way, at any time , in any situation... in how you look at life deal with life.

The Bible says Jesus can. John 11;25 He is not the, I will be.. or the I was, He is the I am. Now he is everything you need.

Someone once said, "Either be a good Christian or be a good sinner because you can't be both", the reality of that is that you have to choose, you have to give Jesus the right to be in your life or you are going to give it to someone or something else to affect your life.

Pastor Mark Broadbridge is Minister of the New Life Church Port Pirie