Have you had your flu shot?

Have you had your flu injection. No? Well, stop thinking right now that there is plenty of time, you'll have it soon.

Stop thinking that I am not having it, it will make me sick. Imaging how sick you can really get if you don't have it.

Believe me, you don't want to be that ill.

I hadn't got around to having mine as yet, but never again will I be hanging back.

There are two things that I never want to experience again.

One is hearing my husband break down on the phone when he could finally get through to me in the Royal Adelaide Hospital emergency department and secondly to see our daughter charging down the corridor in Royal Adelaide Hospital emergency with a consultant, the tears and worry on her face.

Two things that I never want to experience again.

And if having my flu Injection early will help, I will be first in line. As of last Tuesday (May 14) there had been 12,500 diagnosed with the flu in SA, and 17 deaths.

I could have been 18. However, there has been at least one in Port Pirie. Another family grieving.

Being delirious was something different, when I was speaking to one of our dogs that had been dead for 35 years, voices when there had been no-one there.

I was told that the retrieval team had been on stand-by, with the chopper on hand, as the doctor in Port Pirie Hospital had thought I was to crash.

I must have picked up a little as there was a midnight flight to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with the Flying Doctor.

Being asked about my resuscitation wishes rocked me a little.

Teams of doctors poking, prodding, pricking, taking bloods, drips connected to every possible part, ECGs, CAT scans, you name it and all I wanted to do was to tell them to go away, all I wanted to do was sleep.

One team of doctors arrived with quite an elderly man at the helm.

My first thought was, gosh, you should have retired 10 years ago.

But this man, after reading my charts had taken my hand and asked, "and how are you my, my darling? " Instantly I knew it would all be OK.

But he did say to me," I know that it is pointless now saying this, but really, my dear you should not have waited so long to get to hospital.

But I know it is pointless saying that now, but please keep that in mind".

I was diagnosed with Influenza A with complications of pneumoseptis, which is a complication of pneumonia.

After one day in Port Pirie Hospital and nine days in the Royal Adelaide Hospital, with the most wonderful, 24-hour around-the-clock care, I was home.

I was supposed to come back to the Port Pirie Hospital for another couple of days for further medications and physio but transport had been a problem and my husband had picked me up and brought me home.

My doctor told me that it will probably take me six to eight weeks before I am back to where I was, and I tend to think that he is correct.

I can't do much and am puffed out in no time at all.

The moral of the story, don't put it off, have that flu Injection as soon as you can.

The adverts on television tell us that it is the worst flu season yet.

Don't just brush it off. Take notice.

I was lucky, you may not be.

Have your flu injection and do not become a flu statistic, especially one of the most serious kind.