Students dive into Tafe career options

COME AND SEE: Harry Moate, Elise Warner, Alicia McDonald and David Hutchinson.
COME AND SEE: Harry Moate, Elise Warner, Alicia McDonald and David Hutchinson.

Year 10 students from across the Flinders attended a come and see day at the Port Pirie Tafe recently, giving them the opportunity to delve into a variety of career options before they their make senior subject choices.

The Monday, May 13 come and see day gave 60 students from Peterborough, Gladstone, Booleroo Centre and Jamestown the opportunity to tour ten different vocational learning areas that interest them.

Including nursing, business administration, engineering, children's services, automotive and hairdressing, students had the opportunity to speak to lecturers and previous students to find out whether that industry may be suited to them.

David Hutchinson, the regional manager of Port Pirie Tafe says they wanted to raise awareness among the students, to widen their knowledge on the future course and career options available to them.

"This is designed as students start to work out their future course and career choices, obviously they would not have thought much about it as they are only early into Term 2 in Year 10, but gradually later in the year they will have to think more about senior courses.

"This particular session is designed to be an awareness raising one for the kids. To show them what Tafe is, what types of things they might study here at Tafe," Mr Hutchinson said.

Following the students' day around the campus, Harry Moate the career pathways manager for the Department of Education will gather information from the students to determine how they can personalise a secondary visit for them later this year.

"He will gather information from the kids as to which of the areas they saw today, they they would like to know more about and experience more hands on stuff. The idea would be that perhaps in late June, those groups might come back again but this time targeting areas of choice, and hopefully a little more hands on stuff from us."

A unique aspect about the day was the opportunity for students to sit down with young apprentices who were able to talk students through their studies and then pathway to workforce.

Mr Hutchinson says this is incredibly valuable as students are able to see the practical application of what they had experienced on the day.

"The practical nature of what Tafe is gives us a strong link with industry and an outcome job," he said.

For the kids to start to understand that most jobs nowadays require vocational training. So somewhere on their journey they need to find out how it works, what is available, what their choices and options are. We see it as a step in building their awareness.