Boxers take it all in first fight

WINNER: Codie Keefe, 24 with coach Bob Burnell at Burnell's Boxing Gym.
WINNER: Codie Keefe, 24 with coach Bob Burnell at Burnell's Boxing Gym.

Two young boxers from Port Pirie's Burnell's Boxing Gym have had their first wins in their careers recently at a boxing bout at Adelaide's Dom Polski Centre.

Twenty-four-year-old Codie Keefe and 16-year-old Leon Biddell were both able to come out on top of their fights, proving that for both boys hard work pays off.

Codie used to be a kick boxer and recently changed to boxing 18 months ago and ever since his coach Bob Burnell has been working hard to prepare him to fight.

"Straight away, as soon as he walked in, he had the discipline, the desire, the hunger to fight. I knew that we had a fighter but I just had to put the discipline side of things with boxing, it is completely different to kick boxing. We had to change a lot of things. That is why it took so long," Bob explained.

Codie explained that he felt confident going into his fight and was incredibly happy when he won against a friend competitor who was more experienced.

"It was his sixth fight and my first fight. He was also a fellow friend I had trained with. Going against someone I knew and had trained with, it was good to go in there and outbox him and stick to what I was told to do," Codie said.

Leon Biddell, the other successful boxer had lost his first fight late last year and came into 2019 with more hunger to finally tally himself onto the winners board.

"He has come back this year with a lot better attitude and hunger and desire to put in the hard work. He came out on top. It wasn't a bad fight to start off with but once Leon got the stronger side, the other lad backed off a bit and he stopped him in the third round," Bob said.