Locals take home haul of medals

The Port Pirie Table Tennis Club hosted the table tennis for the Masters Games on Saturday and Sunday, April 6 and 7. Participants came from across the state, including Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Whyalla, Port Lincoln, Port Broughton as well as players from Port Pirie. Individual events were played on Saturday with the Gray family doing well. Scott Gray won gold in 30-39 men's singles, and was partnered by his brother Andrew, from Whyalla to win gold in doubles. Scott then went on to win gold in mixed doubles partnered by his mother Sue Gray.

Andrew Gray won gold in 40 - 49 men's singles and was partnered by Sally Kunze from Port Lincoln to win gold in 40 - 49 mixed doubles. Sue Gray won gold in the 60 - 69 women's singles and was partnered by Jill Cunningham to win 60 - 69 women's doubles. Other club members to do well on Saturday were Robert Hargans who won bronze in 40 - 49 men's singles, and a silver in men's doubles partnered by Nigel Kraft. Rick Olsen won silver in 50 - 59 men's singles and Stephen Dunjey won bronze. Rick Olsen and Stephen Dunjey teamed up to win gold in men's doubles.

Richard Frensham partnered Dennis Walsh to win bronze in men's 60 - 69 men's doubles. In 70 + events Mike Gammon won bronze in men's singles, Thelma Gould won silver in ladies 70+ singles. Mike Gammon partnered Des Short to win gold in 70+ men's doubles and Andrew Bell and Mal Ramsay won bronze. Thelma Gould partnered Maxine Hoad to win 70+ women's doubles and Thelma went onto partner Mike Gammon to win gold in 70+ mixed doubles.

Sunday was for team events. Scott and Andrew Gray won gold in 30 - 39 men's team, Nigel Kraft and Robert Hargans won silver in 40 - 49 men's doubles. Richard Frensham and Dennis Walsh won silver in 60 - 69 men's division. Mike Gammon and Les Hoad won silver in 70+ men's team, with Andrew Bell and Mal Ramsay winning bronze. Sue Gray with Jill Cunningham won gold in 60 - 69 women's team and Thelma Gould and Maxine Hoad won gold medal in women's 70+ team.