Reds defeat top Gawler Eagles



Mt Barker United 1 Adelaide University 3

Vipers FC 4 Modbury Vista 0

UNI SA FC. 0 Adelaide Hills 1

Eastern United 2 Adelaide Cobras 1

Port Adelaide FC 2 Cove FC 0



Port Adelaide FC v Modbury Vista

UNI SA FC. v Adelaide University

Adelaide Cobras v Adelaide Hills

Gawler Eagles v Eastern United

Mt Barker United v Vipers FC


The Northern Demons continued its stunning form when it defeated top ladder team the Gawler Eagles 2-1 at Byrne Park to tick off its first home win of the season in a revitalized shake-up to the competition with round seven results issuing some hiccups and a new ladder leader, Adelaide Hills, who won 1-0 against Uni SA FC.

There is now only four points separating the top seven teams and Saturday's Reds win over Gawler unseated the Charlie Villani mentored Karbeethan Reserve outfit.

Finally, the Northern Demons win at home in what was another productive result for the locals and on an afternoon all three Byrne Park teams won their games in a resultant round of soccer that sees the State League 2 ladder tightening up even more.

It was a game that the Byrne Park combination simply continued from the previous week when they won in Adelaide and with the scene set after both Reds teams won the early games it was up to Joel Porter who found himself in the starting eleven to get another win and post a stellar afternoon for the local State League 2 combination so far this season.

Reports about the game indicate that all Demons players played well and it was difficult to single out the best, however it was Damian Introna, Jordan Williams and Dylan Pickert that got the nod in a selection that had Jacob Sakoulidis, Jimmy Okello and Darrell Avery all missing against Gawler.

Nevertheless, a pencilled in own goal at the fifth minute courtesy of Christian Taylor after a Mateusz Marczuk break-away and assist for a Porter cross into the box gave the Demons a rapid and early edge on the game against a very different Gawler outfit that played good offensive soccer.

The Northern Demons again saw Dylan Pickert playing a strong role as he did against Adelaide University and it was the former Premier League club's early season recruit that doubled the Reds score line to 2-0 at the 39th minute putting his team in a real healthy spot against the top team.

But the comfort of the halftime break was spoilt when Bosco Uwezo chipped in for the visitors at the 47th minute to reduce the Demons lead to 2-1 and an interesting second period on the cards at Byrne Park.

Nonetheless, the Demons never allowed the Gawler Eagles any ascendancy in the new half and more so it was the home team that could have scored goals and indeed should have won the fixture with some space in Saturday's round seven contest that saw all goals scored in the opening half.

Marco Balsamo had replaced Joel Porter at the 62nd minute while in the first half Jonathan Eske was relieved by Bevan Henderson - but to describe Saturday's game more simply and the closeness of it on the scoreboard was irrelevant as the Demons were always in control as the locals went onto win a pivotal fixture.

It will be a welcomed win coming into the Easter break for the Northern Demons before the they are again at home when it hosts fifth-placed Cove FC.


Final Scores: Northern Demons 2 Gawler Eagles 1 (H/T 2-1)

Time Goals Scored: Demons - Christian Taylor (OG), Dylan Pickert 39th

Time Goals Scored: Gawler - Bosco Uwezo 45+2

Substitutions:- Demons - Jonathon Eske off, Bevan Henderson on 35th

Joel Porter off, Marco Balsamo on 62nd

Yellow Cards: Northern Demons - Nil

Yellow Cards Gawler Eagles - Christian Taylor 27th, Robert McMillan 71st


NORTHERN DEMONS - D.Introna, J Williams, D.Pickert, M.Marczuk.

GAWLER EAGLES - M.Krantis, N.Bajkusev, J.Nzambimana, B.Uwezo.


NORTHERN DEMONS - C.Taylor (OG), D.Pickert.



The Northern Demons teams set the theme of the Byrne Park afternoon last Saturday when both Reds teams won their games against the Gawler Eagles teams with the Reserves winning 5-1 and the Under 18s winning 3-1 to continue with their good form.

In the Reserves game, the Demons got good service from separate goal scorers Peter Capurso, Samuel Spadavecchia, Pierre Hellmanns and A Young and was able to turn a 1-0 lead at the long break to an easy 5-1 win.

And in the first game the Reds also won well with Bailey Biedenweg scoring twice to keep up his goal average rolling along and also seeing the home team kicking most goals in the second period.


Northern Demons 0 Pt Adel FC 4

Adl Cobras 2 Northern Demons 0

Northern Demons 2 Adel Hills 2

Modbury Vista 0 Northern Demons 3

Northern Demons 0 Uni SA FC 1

Adelaide University 0 Northern Demons 3

Northern Demons 2 Gawler Eagles 1

Northern Demons v Cove FC.

Port Adelaide FC. v Northern Demons

Northern Demons v Adelaide Cobras

Northern Demons v Eastern Untd

Vipers FC. v Northern Demons