Nosey Parker: From the 1963 archives

1978: The Port Pirie RSL Women's Auxiliary Committee won the R.S Lee Trophy for the fourth time by raising the most money in the state for the year.
1978: The Port Pirie RSL Women's Auxiliary Committee won the R.S Lee Trophy for the fourth time by raising the most money in the state for the year.

A rifle team from Port Pirie won the country shield at a shoot in Adelaide. The team was A Bain, A Meschke, B Allchurch, H Gerblich, C Key, A Brandford, N Meadow, R Burt, P Brandford, captain R Barberi.

After running five seconds and two thirds 'auto chef' broke through for its first win at the Port Pirie races. The owners were Ron and Kevin Datson.

After 38 years' service with the South Australian police force officer-in-charge of the Solomontown Police Station, Alf Hulster, retired.

The first cottages at Lealholme were opened and Mrs Wheeler moved in.

The Port Pirie team that won the Northern Football Carnival were L Caputo, M Tattoli, L Bonner, A Bickley, K Lee, H Murphy, R Perry, D Pollard, D Bessen, N Gobbett, G Valenti, C Yates, B Curtis, D O'Dea, M White, B Evans, J Deane (coach), M Vanvacas, V Minervini, K Connor, K Bessen.

Miss Savoy was Madeleine Caputo. She was led into the room by Phillip DeGioia and Matthew Caputo. The other girls in the contest were Josephine DeGioia, Janice Piper and Cecilia Sciangalepore.

What a record! Cr D.C Ferme of Wandearah had missed only one meeting of the Pirie District Council in 27 years.

The southern circuit of the Methodist Church in Port Pirie was offered for sale by tender at Wandearah East, a fire-roomed stone home which was first occupied on January 11, 1922. The home was formerly the Methodist Church manse. It had not been occupied by a minister for about 30 years.

Risdon Football Club named the following training squad. C Yates, G Valenti, J Walker, D Peddar, V Lang, H Swalue, S Pepe, G Cockshell, B McLaughlin, R Hutchinson, K Mark, T Thompson, W Brown, N Atkinson, R O'Brien, A Carter, P Dennis, R Parsons, P Felici, N Spartalis, B Ramsay, A Patterson, N Hobbett, K Fowler, B Johanson, G Neilsen, J Lane, R Thomas, P Lynch, B Tee, M White.

Eleven debutantes at the Crystal Brook Hospital ball. The debutantes and partners were Ann Giles - Bill Siebum, Margaret Frankcom - John Stretton, Ann Combe - John Welch, Helen Macdonald - Ian Connelly, Kaylene Murdock - Ivan Venning, Jeanette Richards - Robert Good, Elizabeth Rodgers - John O'Dea, Barbara Riches - Robin Gum, Kathleen Klemm - Trevor Klemm, Jeanette Young - Ray Tiller, Beth Crouch - Ian Crouch.

Twelve new prefects at Pirie West Primary School were Patricia Tunney, Merilyn Beyer, Janette Mitchell, Janice McGregor, Josephine Stevens, Ann Meschke, Raymond May, Peter Petagna, Wayne Bannister, Peter Pathitis, Glenn Brown, Christopher Hall.

South Australia's top drummer was local 19-year-old Wayne Bonner.

The Pirie Salvationists marked the 80th year in the town. It was on May 18, 1883, that Captain Bollard arrived here from Wallaroo to form a corps of the army. His first week of diligent work resulted in 11 persons being won over and at the end of the second week he had 41.

Members of the Port Pirie Rowing Club took delivery of a new craft and named it W.H Harmer after the club's president and life member.

The winners of the heats of the schoolboys state cycling championships held in Adelaide were A Chegwidden, G Pollard, J McArthur, J Malycha, R Johns, J Dennis, L Hall.

Stomping was the latest dance craze to hit the Australian dance floor. It was banned from the Port Pirie Town Hall after a dance was held and the 'stomp' moved the hall's floor six to eight inches.

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM


Pictured were Doris Sylvestor, Jean Shepley, Margaret Court, Sandra Close, Edna Jacobs, Margaret Shepley, Dawn Benn, Olive Dale and Lavinia Wade.