Masters officially opened

Competitors flocked to Port Pirie in their hundreds, ready to participate in the 2019 Port Pirie Come See Change South Australia Master Games. 

Coming from all around the state and representing over 20 sports, the players gathered for the official start of the games on Saturday, April 6. 

The marched from Flinders View Park down to Memorial Oval where they were met by a crowd and officials.

Welcomed under a bright banner and a fire effects display, the competitors lined up in their teams and sports to be officially welcome by an array of speakers. 

Port Pirie's mayor Leon Stephens took great pride in welcoming such a large number of visitors to the city in his opening speech. 

"I am super proud of what we have achieved over the past nine years. This has been a long process, we have had to negotiate with all of the sports that share this precinct, but it has been an absolutely worthy thing.

"I would like to welcome everyone that has come to participate. The Masters Games is a really good place with fellowship and also is a chance for us to keep up with our sport throughout our elderly years," Mayor Stephens said. 

Joining the mayor on stage was Michael Wright the president for Sport SA, Michelle Den Dekker, Mark Davis, Kellie Martlew and Lindsay Thomas. 

Kellie Martlew, a Pirie representative for Australia who recently won three medals at the Special Olympics Summer Games in Abu Dhabi officially opened the games with a strong "let the games begin". 

The night kicked on with live entertainment, food and drinks available before the baseball commenced on Memorial Oval. 

President of Sport SA Michael Wright was incredibly impressed with the facilities that Port Pirie had to offer and said they were second to none for the 1,100 competitors. 

"It is important because if we go to a regional town, it is good for the local economy but it is also a good example for people in the community to have a health lifestyle.

"It is a great event. It is fantastic for Port Pirie and fantastic to have so many competitors here. The competitors are great ambassadors for our kids to have a healthy lifestyle. It is the community coming together which makes the event," Michael said. 

The games continue until Sunday, April 14.

For more information on the social events including the ActFast Family Day, Dinner with Davis and Den Dekker, Masters Mile or the closing ceremony, please visit the game's website