The fastest young rider in Australia?

LAKE GAIRDNER: Lachlan Tucker-Powditch at this year's speed week. Image provided.

LAKE GAIRDNER: Lachlan Tucker-Powditch at this year's speed week. Image provided.

The Powditch family have researched far and wide to find other set records for children who have raced on salt lakes and with what they can find, they believe that 17-year-old Lachlan Tucker-Powditch from Port Pirie may be the fastest Australian under 18-years-old on a motorcycle. 

Lachlan started racing at the age of 12 and now races for the Clifford and Schlein team, but it was when he was only four-years-old that his parents took him to his first speed week in Lake Gairdner, on the upper Eyre Peninsula. 

Since the age of four, Lachlan's family had a close rapport with the race director and at the age of 12, he had his first race at the speed competition on a 85cc bike, starting at 50 mph. 

As Lachlan grew in age and capability, he achieved more licences and next year, he will be aiming to hit 200 mph on what he deems Australia's fastest production motorbike. 

Currently, he holds five highest speeds records for five classes from 2015 until 2018.

Racing is in the blood of the Powditch family, Lachlan's mum Rebekha races, her husband races but it all comes back to her father, who started the family salt fever. 

"My father races, my father is the first man to ever go over 200 mph on a motorbike at the salt lake. He then got the first production motorcycle to go over 200 mph, a 1350 cc. He started in 2004, I started in 2005," Rebekah, Lachlan's mum explained.

RESULTS: Lachlan's result by year. Provided by

RESULTS: Lachlan's result by year. Provided by

"I have a car record that has been standing for 13 years. Lachy's step Dad races as well now. Since 2010, he has got production records on motorbikes." 

As long as Lachy remembers, riding bikes has been the norm for him. He has always been doing it with family and his friends also share the interest.

But when it comes to why he keeps doing it, he explains that once you have had the race experience at Lake Gairdner, you can't not go back.

 "There is a thing that everyone calls salt fever, the idea of it is once you've come once you never stop coming."

"Even if you say you just want to do it once, you will end up coming back the next year because it is something that is completely different to anything else. It is a really different feeling, it is not like riding on the road," Lachlan said. 

Without much practice, he holds four different but current land records and hopes to set another next year as he aims for 200 mph. 

His mum is incredibly proud of what he has achieved and says that he has done 'amazingly well' all by not being able to go out and practice and she is the one who questions whether he could be the fastest child motorcyclist in Australia.