Collision prompts response

A recent crash in Nelshaby has prompted the Yorke Mid North Local Service Area to host a community engagement forum on road safety. 

To be held at the Port Pirie RSL at 6.30pm on March 26, police are providing the opportunity for the community to come together and talk about some of the causes, impacts and concerns around road safety. 

Superintendent Damian Powell, the commander for the Yorke Mid North Local Service Area says that the forum will provide an opportunity for community members to raise any concerns they have and they will then be able to plan a policing response from what they receive. 

"This is something we have been thinking about for a while. We have run one of these late last year on the Yorke Peninsula and thought it was appropriate to do one in this region. We have recently seen a serious injury crash at Nelshaby and it is timely before Easter that we raise the issues and have a discussion with the community," Supt Powell said. 

One of the biggest messages the police want to get out is that it is not motorists driving through from Adelaide that are dying on our roads or being seriously injured, they are our local community members. 

"If people can be aware of that and take the extra care and responsibility and talk about the issues with others in their family, then our goal and hope is that everyone will remain safe on the roads."

The talk will go into depth on the fatal five which includes speed, fatigue, distractions, seat belts and drink and drug driving. 

Supt Powell says that they are some of the key factors that underpin the road fatalities and injuries but people need be constantly reminded. 

"Sometimes when we have a good year of reduce lower fatalities, it can offered be followed by a year that is not so good," he said. 

"This year has not been so good and we want to make sure the community is working with us to make sure that we keep everyone safe." 

What we have seen is a downward trend in fatalities which is fantastic but one life is too many to lose. We can't be complacent about this.

Supt Damian Powell