Nosey Parker: From the 1957 archives

1976: Solomontown Football Club junior colts team in 1976.
1976: Solomontown Football Club junior colts team in 1976.

St Patrick's day, a sports day was held at Phoenix Park. The winners of the running events were senior boys 1st Murray Jonas (Pirie High), 2nd B. Sayner (St Mark's), 3rd N.Wauchope (Pirie High). Junior boys 1st T.Glenn, 2nd M.Chivell, 3rd D.Laube all from Pirie High. Senior girls 1st Sally Rumpff  (Pirie High), 2nd M.Hackett, 3rd A.McDonnell, both from St Mark's. Junior girls 1st Helen Goold (St Mark's), 2nd P.Sayner (St Mark's), 3rd G.Warner (Pirie High). 

Savoy Soccer Club buys a block of land on Warnertown Road from Stan Antonas to build a training ground and use for the club's matches. 

The death of a Piriean who won a fortune Colin McLaughlin, a former waterslide worker who won 100,000 pound in an interstate lottery. He called the ticket 'on my own' and his nick name was 'Mort the Sport'. He left Port Pirie and passed away in Melbourne. 

After a lapse of many years, men's hockey was started with canon A.C Blaxwell as chairman and Graham Dellow as secretary. The first match was played on Sunday, June 9. 

Les and Sylvia Oaklands stationer and bookseller opens at 2 Alexander Street, formerly occupied by Healing's Pty Ltd. 

I.Sideras opens a general store at 149 Jervis Street. 

The former Welsh Motors Building in Florence Street was demolished. The site became a service station. 

A large shark was caught in a fish net at First Creek by a fishing team that comprised of Vic Diglio, Norm and Vic Pisani and Corrie and Maurice Bellifemini. 

South Australian Harbours Board has handed back the 5,500 foot jetty at Port Germein to the control of the district council. Thus closing the port officially. Once a busy grain export centre, Port Germein has not be used by shipping for many years. 

Reg Tiller takes over Stan Antonas meat store in Alexander Street. 

Port Pirie athletics association formed the committee. Chairman was H.Madigan, secretary was W.O'Neill, other officials were R.Fenton as assistant secretary, J.McCarthy as minutes secretary and M.Penny as treasurer. 

Peaceful Port Germein went right back to 1850 when scenes for the film 'Robbery Under Arms' was filmed in the main street. 

First boys college in Pirie Diocese when Bishop of Port Pirie Dr Bryan Gallagher opened the first unit at Salesian College which will house 55 students. 

An amateur hour run by the C.W.A had 16 entrants. They were Vicki Caputo, Sandra Lane, Rosemary Blake, Margaret Storer, Lynette McInerney, Jacqueline Yates, Dalla Finn, Margaret Evans, Gaynor Jenke, Cathy Langeberg, Barbara Chapman, Colleen Lamport, Diana Lee, Carolyn Clarke, Diane Hamilton, Roy Arnold and Joan Rumke. 

The training squad from the Port Pirie Football League to play in the Northern carnival from Solomontown were B.Christie, K.Diggens, G.Francis, M.Fawcett, K.Langsford, R.Rawlins, D.Thornton, J.Mezzino, P.Minervini, L.Pritchard. Port were M.Goodwin, L.Conder, R.Kennedy, T.Keain, D.Lemm, P.Murphy, H.Murphy, W.Schapel, D.Sayner, Proprietary were A.Forster, S.Kotaras, D.McVicar, R.Thompson, J.Willis. 

Pirie sees TV for the first time when advertiser demonstration unit visited in a set up at the town hall. 

Mr H.B Welch well known businessman and grazier became the mayor. 

Caption: unknown, Shane Clarke, Graham Strawbridge, Paul Redman, Graeme Ferguson, Scott Patterson, Darren Bateson and Robert Andriske. Lindsay Halvorsen, Chris Hanson, unknown, Craig Bickley, Dale Robinson, Stephen Parr and Sean Wilkinson. Gavin Phillips, Mark Redman, Andrew Ferguson, Mark Wilkinson, David Bickley and unknown. Chris Ferguson, Sean Ferguson, Troy Wright, Mark Bickley, Sean Nolan and Craig Warwick.

Nosey Parker... with Des Parker OAM.

Nosey Parker... with Des Parker OAM.