Is life now any different?

Are you old enough to have uttered these words: ‘Ah, the Good Old Days!’

Maybe fuel was cheaper – but not very environmentally clean.

Vehicles were stronger and held together reasonably well – with windows wound up or down for air-conditioning (sometimes referred to as 4WD80 – 4 windows down and 80 mph), depending on the season.

Clothes lasted longer as we sewed, patched and covered holes – now we call it fashion and pay money to buy holes.

In the good old days churches were full. Every town seemed to have a bank, a real estate agent, primary and secondary schools, furniture and clothing stores, a police presence, a doctor and a hospital, a chemist or pharmacy depending on where you grew up!

A ‘fast food’ café serving fish and chips, a hotel or two, a butcher, and of course a bakery!

Those were the good old days!

Or were they? Medical help was often some distance away. Consequently death was an ever-present reality in people’s homes, not in some far off hospital. Or maybe that wasn’t so bad.

The cycle of life and death occurred in the midst of people’s everyday lives – and God was present with them whether they believed it or not, whether they accepted it or not.

When the Pastor came, people gathered in their homes, usually with a meal with whatever was available. They worshipped in the lounge room or on the veranda or wherever people could gather.

Baptisms, weddings, funerals happened when the pastor came. Church buildings were erected as the population increased.

Maybe life was simpler, maybe life was ‘good’. Time sometimes blurs the memory – we don’t always remember things exactly as they happened.

We may suppress the bad, and lift up the good, in order to help us cope with life.

We know things have changed in our communities, our churches, our world in which we live. Industry is changing. Agriculture is focussing on producing good crops while protecting the soil for the future.

Young people move for education and work opportunities. Many of the ‘institutions’ we have grown up with are now located in major centres.

Or accessed on your computer or smart phone. Retirees converge in centres with facilities for on-going care.

Maybe the days in which we live are ‘the good old days’.

Value each day for what it is – a good and gracious gift of God to you.

‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever’. Hebrews 13:8

Pastor Brian Keller, Lutheran Church