Risdon's new leaders focus on school appearance | GALLERY

Leaders from Risdon Park Primary School were officially named and presented to their school peers at the school's first assembly for the year. 

Kurt Eldridge and Mya Hall were announced as the school captains for 2019, with Charlotte Steward and Harry Johnson the vice captains. 

Both captains are excited to hold the leadership position and hope to implement a lot of change in the school. 

"We became captains so we could help out the school and make it better.

"I felt great when I found out I was a school captain, I was pretty excited. We are working on making it a better school and a better place for learning," Mya said.

"I want to see less rubbish in the yard," Kurt said. 

School principal Jason Saxby says leadership is incredibly important for young people and Risdon want to continue giving the students a platform for their voice. 

"It is so important for young people to see their peers take the lead in so many initiatives. We are very big on student voice and we believe that it forms an important part of our school and it enhances and make a positive contribution to the things that are happening around the school," Mr Saxby said. 

This year the school have a new award which recognises the young Aboriginal people who are making a difference and contribution to their school community. 

"We recognise that we meet on land that is very sacred to Aboriginal people and we also want to celebrate the sacred land of learning with our community and what better way to do that than with our Aboriginal young people." 

"I hope to see a committed voice, a leadership initiative that allows them to be apart of the decision making process in our school. That is vital that we get student voice, with strong young women leading the way. I think that is very important for our community to see and celebrate."

The Recorder apologises that the photo of Lia Abraham and Ayush Trivedi was not included. The students left before a photo opportunity.