Reds' effort improves


Adelaide Cobras 2 NORTHERN DEMONS 0     

Port Adelaide FC 1 Vipers FC 2     

Adelaide Hills v Mount Barker United (postponed)  

Cove FC 4 Gawler Eagles 6

Eastern United 5 Uni SA FC 0

Modbury Vista 1 Adelaide University 2


NORTHERN DEMONS v Adelaide Hills

Uni SA FC v Port Adelaide FC     

Vipers FC v Adelaide Cobras

Mount Barker United v Modbury Vista

Eastern United v Cove FC                      

Adelaide University v Gawler Eagles        


The Northern Demons was unable to balance the books and its spot on the State League 2 early ladder when it dropped its second straight game losing 0-2 to the Adelaide Cobras at The Parks, but by all accounts Sunday’s game was an improved effort on the Reds' loss at home the previous week, while the Reds did get goalkeeper Deale Chamberlain’s red card rescinded.

The FFSA round two league games were all rescheduled to Sunday afternoon and Monday evening time slots due to the heat although it remained uncomfortable on Sunday where the Adelaide Cobras managed to score a goal in each period of the contest.

Demons coach Joel Porter admitted he is coaching a new team again where his outfit has to gel together even though you’d think this should have occurred already, adding that his team now simply needs to win and in Sunday’s game against the Cobras he reshaped his starting eleven.

The Northern Demons are experiencing an awful start to the season, the Reds unimaginably sit just off the foot of the ladder, cannot kick a goal and on Sunday posted routine midfielder Mateusz Marczuk up forward for the round two encounter as it waits another week for Daniel Cox to return as he serves a two-week suspension.

And on Sunday they were unable to play Marco Balsamo due to injury and to make matters worse another Demons offensive player Jack Scoot was injured and unfortunately was stretchered off with a lower leg injury that could sideline him.

However, with the Demons going into this round two game a changed outfit with Jordy Williams, Jacob Sakoulidis and Mitchell Johnson playing and alterations in midfield made the Porter coached team respond but once again conceded an early goal when former Pirates player Steven Savino scored at the ninth minute to put the Adelaide Cobras 1-0 up at The Parks.

The Demons did play good soccer in Sunday’s game and created several scoring chances quite different to their game against Port Adelaide FC where the visiting keeper had very little to do, and it was the Reds' soccer against the Cobras that was somewhat heartening.

Meanwhile, it was the Northern Demons who trailed 0-1 at halftime and its inability to finish off their offensive play allowing the likes of Andrew Orphanou, Daniel Scorsonelli and Steven Savino to get plenty of the ball to be more dangerous in front of the Demons' goals.

There was just another goal left in Sunday’s contest and it was Savino that scored again at the 67th minute to make it 2-0 when the Demons could not properly clear a Cobras corner kick that soon returned that beat Deale Chamberlain in the visitor’s goal.

For the Demons this Saturday’s round three encounter becomes huge for the Byrne Park team whereas the Reds' results record against the Cobras of late now is probably moderate.


Adelaide Cobras: A.Orphanou, D.Scorsonelli, S.Savino. Northern Demons: D.Introna, D.Pickert, A.McMillan, D.Chamberlain.


Adelaide Cobras: S.Savino 2


Northern Demons 0 Port Adelaide FC 4 (H)

Adelaide Cobras 2 Northern Demons 0 (A)

Northern Demons v Adelaide Hills (H)

Modbury Vista v Northern Demons (A)

Northern Demons v Uni SA FC (H)


There were 10 goals scored in the two early games at The Parks last Sunday where the Demons and the Cobras played out two entertaining draws with the Demons Reserves settling for a 1-1 result and the Under 18s supplying eight goals in their 4-4 draw. Both results for the Northern Demons were good where the Reserves played strongly overcoming a 0-2 loss the previous week against the Pirates at home, while for the young Under 18s it was their first game of the season and they showed some strong offensive creativeness all game.

This Saturday the Demons host Adelaide Hills at Byrne Park and get another chance of winning.


The Northern Demons stare down a third straight loss and another tough State League 2 opponent this Saturday afternoon when the Byrne Park Reds host the Hawks Nest outfit Adelaide Hills - winners of their last two games against Adelaide University and Mount Barker United.

There will be no doubt the Adelaide Hills will take on the Northern Demons with great confidence and will challenge the Joel Porter coached locals to do better than they have after losses to the Pirates and Cobras in what’s been a disastrous start so far for the resident State League 2 team.

The Northern Demons unlike last season when they could boast a stellar season start with two straight wins and had kicked seven goals and conceded just two with a win against eventual grand finalist Playford City 3-0 after a 4-2 night win away against Modbury Vista where right now and to some extent could find themselves in trouble with another loss.

The Demons were faced with a torrid opening three games in State League 2 soccer but going on the Reds' previous season one naturally expected better from the locals and now this mini-drought must be broken in Saturday’s Byrne Park encounter against the Craig Leith coached Adelaide Hills.

Cohesion, the right structure and gelling of Joel Porter’s State League team is now of high priority as the Demons can no longer rely on the highs of last season particularly the Reds new goalscoring department and the loss of at least two top players.

The Demons have only scored trial games goals so far, it has lost twice and it's time the locals change the tide in their season with a win against the Hills.

The Northern Demons to date have scored just four goals all coming in pre-season trial games and Reds' medallist Mateusz Marczuk was a master stroke in midfield and last Sunday was used up front suggesting Joel Porter is badly in need of a goal scorer.

A Demons win at Byrne Park against the Hills will probably trigger the Reds to some extent as the locals are desperate to get on the ladder in the third week of the season.

Last season, the Demons defeated the Adelaide Hills 2-0 in round seven away at Woodside and then also won 2-1 in round 19 at Byrne Park when Joel Porter's team were well on their way to playing finals football for a second straight season.


It will be an afternoon at Byrne Park that all three teams will be out to get the top results against the Adelaide Hills, and after the Reserves drew 1-1 against the Adelaide Cobras and the Under 18s' 4-4 draw last week they both still face mammoth tasks especially after the Hills thrashed Adelaide University 5-0 and 9-2 in round one before a postponement to their round two last Sunday.

The two early games at Byrne Park will see the Reds team go all out to land home wins and register three points in their third game of the season and probably can do so provided the Northern Demons improve more on last Sunday’s twin draws where they shared the points with the Cobras at The Parks.

After Saturday’s game against the Hills the Reds will be away to Modbury Vista then back home against Uni SA FC.