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1984: Barker House won the shield at the Port Pirie High School's yearly sports carnival at Memorial Oval.
1984: Barker House won the shield at the Port Pirie High School's yearly sports carnival at Memorial Oval.

Port Pirie West Primary School won the combined sports day at Memorial Oval from Risdon Park Primary School. The captains of the winning school were Gail Sherriff and Desmond Will. 

The decimal currency system started in Australia. No more pounds, shillings, pence. It was now dollars and cents. 

The first Sunday football game was played with a crowd of 3000. The scores were Port 17.14 d Central Whyalla 4.10.

The Solomontown Beach committee that improved the beach was disbanded after many years. It was handed back to the control of council. 

Port Pirie hotels were allowed to open until 10 o'clock.

Club 65 Girl of the Year winner was Julie Ann Penny. She was crowned by the Premier, Don Dunstan. 

Whyalla Football League pulled out of the Spencer Gulf League. 

The sale of Sunday bread from Webb's Bakeries in Warren Street and Goldtop Bakers on York Road was stopped by law.

The International Hotel built new motel units.

Airdale school opened with eight teachers and 246 children. Almost 100 attended the first school committee meeting. 

Flinders View combined side to play in SAPSA association carnival in Adelaide were - basketball - senior team: Pauline Turner, Lynette Thornton (Solomontown), Coralle Pese (Brinkworth), Evelyn Couzner, Lynette Ashmeade (Crystal Brook), Kaylene Hubert (Pirie Primary), Lesley Jones (Redhill), Cheryl Gutte, Anne Green (Risdon Park).

Miss Dianne Greenwood was chosen as debutante of the year at the Orphanage Ball. The belle of the ball was Louise Agnew with Brian Carmody as beau. 

Annie Get Your Gun was put on by the Port Pirie Theatre Guild. Some of the ballet was Jan Ryan, Sandra Lane, Gail Madigan, Jeanette Aubert, Margaret Page and Jan Moran. 

The high school hockey side won the school boys' premiership. The side was W Anderson, A Paine (capt), G Sawley, G Zacharia, C Carter, B Linthorne and P Spencer. 

More than 400 attended the Port Pirie Methodist Circuit Church's Good Friday mountain hill service in the Flinders Ranges in cold, gusty conditions. 

West colts won the Port Pirie Cricket Association premiership. The team was W Schapel, I Priddle, P Kilgallon, R Simpson, G Brandford, K Lee, G Lemm, J Deane, B Lemm, K Ganley, S Beames, N Tully (capt). 

A new waterfront pick-up centre was opened. 

St Paul's Church debutante ball. The debs and partners were Julie Rogers - Terry Kennedy, Beverly Hodges - Bruce McCallum, Cheryl Walton - Garry McBride, Dianne Gill - Peter Adams, Maryanne Arboit - Geoff Cheesman, Jennifer Slaven - David Rees, Jill Bairstow - David Price, Jennifer Mallyon - Wayne Francis, Diana Greenwood - Barry Bauer, Helen Totolas - Tony McGuiness, Karen Lamont - Geoffrey Leane. 

Winner of the Miss Smelters Picnic quest was Karen Bonner with Betty McDougall placing second and Shaylene Culpin third. 

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM


Barker House won the shield at the Port Pirie High School yearly sports carnival at Memorial Oval in March 1984.

The students had a narrow win, beating Eyre House, their closest rival, by 13 points.

Winners of individual events at the carnival were David Kupsch, front, left, Chris Wauchope, Simon Richards, John McMahon, Steven Hamilton, Elizabeth Brown, middle row, left, Pamela Crossman, Sonya Walters, Laura Steig and Barker House leaders Kaye Tremellen, back, left, and Brenton Gerrad.

The winning team's flag was held by Wendy Hobart and Wendy Broekx.