Nosey Parker: From the 1956 archives

1992: Golf club greenkeepers Peter Everett and Max Lane with committee members Ron Jensen and Brian O'Loughlin on the new 18th green.
1992: Golf club greenkeepers Peter Everett and Max Lane with committee members Ron Jensen and Brian O'Loughlin on the new 18th green.

A successful children's fancy dress frolic organised by Miss E Greig was held in the Crystal Brook Institute. The prize winners were Judith and Carol Gray (miniature debutantes), Bronwen Munday (fairy), Julie Schultz (black mammy), Richard Venning (jockey), Brian Hurst (postman), Suzanne Gum (old lady), Christine Ide (Rule Brittania), Barry Venning (swaggie), Peter Grundy (Chinaman), Kay Spring (bride), Robert Richards (scarecrow) and Anthony Schultz (bunny).

The Port Pirie riflemen were in the state team to shoot at the national titles in Sydney. They were A.C Branford and C.W Price. 

Memorial windows dedication service was held at the Napperby Congregational Church. Three leadlight panels bearing the names of those they perpetuate were unveiled as memorials to Mr and Mrs E.T Franks by Mrs E McMurtry (daughter), Mr L.C Roberts by Hazel Pearce, Mrs A.S Maeers by Miss Margaret Maeers. 

Pirie Cooperative Store held a mannequin parade. The mannequins were Gay Paul, Margaret May, Judy Merlino, Barbara Grocke, Barbara Lane, Glenys Walters, Ruth Parker, Annette Brackenridge, Carol Weedon, Beth Chivell, Alison Jones, Denise Hazel and Julie Harrison.

RSL debutantes and their partners were Marie McBride - A Davies, Barbara Stark - C Greig, Valerie Martin - F Barton, June Engstrom - L Pasche, Kay Messenger - L Good, June Tayler - R Martin, Judith Rowe - J Perkins, Maureen Kreig - K Mudge.

Port Pirie High School selected their prefects. They were William Krestchmer (head), Murray Stone, Ray Werfel, David Ashman, Peter Leane, Adrian Sandery, Brian Shepherd, Judith Key (head), Parry Davies, Helen Koch, Coraleen Norton, Helen Thomas, Margaret Cheesman, Barbara Jacobi, Thelma Hocking.

The results of the North Western Tennis Carnival. Men's singles K Kearns 6.3 6.4 d M Scott. Women's singles Miss Joan Penny 2.6 6.3 5.2 forfeit Joan Murphy. Men's doubles Harold Bessen - Ken Davey 6.4 6.3 d K Kearns - D Key. Women's doubles R Schebella - B Freeman 6.2 6.4 d K Phelan - H Willis.

Mr P.E McMahon became the first life member of the Port Pirie branch of the RSL.

Merv Wood opened a service station on the corner of The Terrace and Broadway Road. 

Port Football Club won the Port Pirie Football Association premiership. The team was R Finn, F Audoss, M Pollard, W Schapel, R Kennedy, D Lemm, S Pepe, M Finlay, G Martin, T Keain, W Saler, H Murphy, D Covington, J Connelly, M Goodwin, P Murphy, K Connor, L Conder, D Sayner, C Rafanelli, F Caputo.

The final of the hockey association was played between Stuarts and Old Scholars. The teams were Old Scholars - B Vowells (capt), E Golding, T Edwards, J Pritchard, M Fraser, J Cavenett, J Merlino, J Fraser, J Minnis, B Mark, K Fraser; Stuarts - S Warner (capt), D Brine, J Measday, D Robinson, J Willis, A Blacket, B Lowe, E Cousins, D Robertson, E Tavener, L Gribble. Stuarts won 5-0. The game was played in mud and slush. 

Arthur Pickering opened a new service station on the corner of Balmoral Road and Three Chain Road. 

Flooded road halted The Recorder 12-hour trial. Only 10 of the 32 cars checked in at the finish. The motorcycle section was abandoned owing to the flooded Port Broughton Creek. 

Thirteen members of Pirie Homing Society hampered 90 birds in a race from Marree (244 miles). The winners were 1st D.C Laube and sons, 2nd S Staker and sons, 3rd J Turner and sons, 4 H Jackson. 

A committee was formed, paving the way for a Pirie Progress Association. They were H.E Coombe, L Maynard, M.M Bishop, C.P Prest, H.J Miller, C.E Thomas, L.L Hoare, E.A Parr, R.G Lambert, L Aa, W.K Francis, A.T Maddox.

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM