Relationship status: It’s complicated

Words of Worship is a weekly column published for the Port Pirie Ministers' Association.
Words of Worship is a weekly column published for the Port Pirie Ministers' Association.

This is Facebook language that describes a relationship status.

What does it really mean? Well, it means it’s complicated.

In the absence of any definitive description, “it’s complicated” will suffice.

Don’t worry I will now waste your time by dwelling on Facebook jargons especially this portion is about “Words of Wisdom”.

I need to redeem myself in the succeeding paragraphs and justify why I titled this article as such.

Last 3-5 February, Pope Francis visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a very history event.

He is the first Pope to celebrate Mass in the Arabian Peninsula.

More than 130,000 attended the Papal Mass with around 4,000 Muslims present.

Catholic migrants are from places such as the Philippines and South America.

Mind you, there are almost one million Christians in UAE and 700,000 are Filipinos.

Consistent to my title, a lot of the Christians rejoiced in the fact that the Pope made it to a Muslim country and met with Muslims and Christians, alike.

But some conservative sections of the Catholic Church looked at this visit as something “complicated”.

Ultra-conservative Catholics opposed a dialogue with Islam and borrowing the words of Cardinal Muller, it compared to a “dictatorship of relativism”.

I believe, though, the Document on Human Fraternity is a great step towards the much desired peace.

I think, Pope Francis has the courage to step out boldly from his comfort zone to desire an era where women and men of goodwill may see each other in a perspective of humanity living in a common home.

Now, that’s complicated.

Another event is happening in our state which is worth our attention, at least of Christians. Remember Billy Graham?

In 1959, Billy Graham launched a tour of evangelistic events across Australia that had a significant spiritual impact on tens of thousands of people.

On 20 February, Billy’s son, Franklin will be in Adelaide for “An Evening of Music and a Powerful Message of Hope.” This is an ecumenical event.

Any Christian or anyone searching can benefit from this gathering. I will be there together with some Catholic parishioners.

We will hop in a bus organised by the New Life Church.

In these complicated times, ambiguous and indifferent, the world needs to hear a message of hope – Christ’s version of hope.

Unashamed like St Paul, we will “Make known with boldness the mystery of the Gospel.” (Ephesians 6:19 NASB) And that’s not complicated.

Fr Francis Montero, Catholic Church ( for the Port Pirie Ministers’ Association)