Dancers excel in USA

TEAM: Lucinda Smallacombe, Aislynn Everett, Meteha DiGeronimo, Ciara Hadert, Ayeisha Everett, Ella Smart, Dakota Mudge. Image provided.
TEAM: Lucinda Smallacombe, Aislynn Everett, Meteha DiGeronimo, Ciara Hadert, Ayeisha Everett, Ella Smart, Dakota Mudge. Image provided.

Dancers from Hip Hop Bounce have returned from a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance in America and the thrill of the experience is still fresh in their minds. 

The girls performed at Universal Studios, Disneyland, California Adventure Park and in front of the It’s a Small World ride as apart of the Australian Young Performing Arts Team (AYPAT), who took about 85 dancers to the states. 

The dancer’s coach and director of Hip Hop Bounce, Natasha English- McCulloch explains that she is still grasping to comprehend what they just experienced. 

“I still haven’t got my head around it. I don’t think it has really sunk in because it was so different from what we have ever done before. It was definitely next level,” she explained. 

Throughout the trip, the girls were exposed to many elements of dance that were brand new to them. 

This included dancing on stages they had never set foot on before, in addition to international crowds and taking classes in famous dance studios such as the Edge and Millennium. 

Natasha says exposing the girls to the standard of dance in another country was greatly rewarding and will be beneficial to their dance development. 

“The girls are so grateful to have had that experience because until we got there, we didn’t know how it was going to go.

“We are so used to American culture via the television and I don’t think they realised how American it was going to be and how the standard of dance is incredible and just being exposed to that.  They were really exposed to a whole new sense of the industry to bring back,” Natasha said.

In addition to their performances, the dancers were able to have full back stage access to Disney which took them through all procedures that Disney artists would undergo, in addition to workshops with some artists. 

Although nervous and in a completely different environment, the dancers were able to contain themselves and put on a performance which Natasha says made her really proud. 

“They took it all in their stride and they were buzzing.”

“They were really excited and obviously did not get a lot of sleep on the plane on the way over, a bit of exhaustion. They really embraced it. They were very nervous before they performed, but also excited. 

“We were really proud because they never got to see the stage before they went out onto it. They had different surfaces, different dimensions and just had to go out and dance and figure it out in front of an international audience. They really adapted well.”

Hip Hop Bounce currently have their teams open for new members and are beginning new choreography with new themes and skills. 

They will be rehearsing their routines and hope to start competing again in Adelaide by the second school term, but in the mean time will have several local performances.