A new wave for Risdon Park Primary

NEW PRINCIPAL: Principal Jason Saxby sits with new reception students Seth Mitchell and Indy O'Connor.
NEW PRINCIPAL: Principal Jason Saxby sits with new reception students Seth Mitchell and Indy O'Connor.

A new principal has been appointed at Risdon Park Primary School and he is leading the school in a new wave of community connection. 

Jason Saxby was a previous miner who faced unemployment issues when he was younger and he soon realised that throughout all his struggles, that education was the key to making sure that life became better. 

He entered the education system at the age of 30 and has since taught at several schools in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, then progressed into several central office positions and to a deputy principalship. 

Mr Saxby is incredibly pleased and proud to be the new principal at Risdon Park and is looking forward to creating new history for the school. 

“I am really pleased to be a part of the community, living and working in Risdon Park is really important for me and making sure that everybody knows that they are welcome here and can return to Risdon with a new wave. 

“We have some fantastic teachers here at Risdon. We continue to support them in ensuring they have the best facilities, best professional development to educate the children that are coming through our school. Our assets are our staff. 

“From the moment you drive into the school, the grounds, the beautiful trees, the open spaces are opportunities around the school for kids to do learning in groups and cooperative learning. We have a state of the art library that is an absolute joy. All of those things go towards kids getting a 21st century learning,” Mr Saxby said. 

The idea of Risdon Park’s ‘new wave’ has started with staff members giving motorists a friendly wave in the morning and afternoon when students are picked up and dropped off. 

“The new wave starts with a country feel. A community connection that we value. We value the part that our community plays in making sure our school exceeds. Just giving a quick wave in the morning is that friendly nod to say you are welcome here.”

Speaking from his past, Mr Saxby presents a strong reason to why he delved into education and believes it is the only way to enhance all areas of your life. 

“That is the thing that we are talking about when we talk about our well-being and mindfulness, linked with our literacy and numeracy goals at the school. We believe that our emotion is linked to how well we do in the classroom. We have a big focus on literacy and numeracy at our school.” 

Since stepping into the role, Jason has made a conscious effort to have increased communication throughout the school and his deputy principal Emily Langton says that it is making their staff into a really strong team.

“I think the biggest thing that we have is collaboration and working together and creating a really strong team. We have started off the year really strongly by meeting often, building our communication and communication with staff. I feel really confident,” she said.