New division, new grounds for Savoy

Savoy will look at continuous pre-season training and coming trial games in what will be a long waiting period for its new Division 2 amateur soccer season to start early this April, with premiership coach Vincent DeGioia in charge of what will be a harder year of soccer this time around.

After the Green and Whites won their second Third Division championship last season, there’s no doubt playing in the higher league will prove a demanding task for the local amateurs and something Savoy needs to do better than it has in the past in when winning promotion.

With Savoy having started their pre-season three weeks ago and having already mapped four trial games in a five-week period, the Globe Oval training will intensify before DeGioia’s team host Saturday Division 1 team St.Peters in Port Pirie.

Savoy are set to play three trials at home and one in Adelaide before the league season kick-off, but by all accounts the club needs to wait until round three for its inaugural Memorial Oval Sports Precinct appearance at its new home of soccer.

With the Amateur League season fixtures, expected to commence on April 7, yet to be finalized Savoy’s next few weeks will be about fitness and hard training prior to its block of trial games where it will play against strong opposition.


In the meantime, Savoy coach Vincent DeGioia and staff are issued with one major challenge this coming season and that is to perform well enough to contain a midtable ladder spot in a familiar and tough league containing several top opponents.

Savoy’s next few weeks will be about fitness and hard training prior to its block of trial games ...

Savoy along with Maiwand FC take their spots in Division 2 this season after both teams proved to be the best and equalled their pursuit for promotion where they cleared away at the top of the ladder.

However, the Green and Whites are faced with playing their trials and first two league games possibly at different venues something they never expected would happen now no longer at Savoy Park. It’s will be a pre-season that will tell Savoy coach DeGioia just how his players are progressing on the training track and in the trial games for the club’s third attempt at Division 2.