Nosey Parker: From the 1959 archives

1964: Warriors were the runner-up in shiftworkers football.
1964: Warriors were the runner-up in shiftworkers football.

Bishop of Willochra Rt Rev T.E Jones opened the new St Barnabas Church in Edward Street, costing 8000 pounds.

Ern Turner Butcher on Main Road shut down. 

15-year-old Wendy Malycha was announced as the Miss Basketballer of the Year, the other girls in the contest were Erica Davies, Patricia Meadth, Wendy Smith, Jill Johanson, Gail Christie, Margaret Hurst, Sandra Saler, Glenys Burford, Bronwyn Burford, Brenda Hobbs, Susan Stone, Christine Connor, Dianne Freer. 

Dr Ken Burdon had a field day at the Port Pirie Revolver and Pistol Club’s first championships. He won the slow fire and centre fire championships, came second in the handicap trophy and third in the rapid fire event. 

The northern combined side to play East Fremantle was B Curtis, W O’Shaughnessy, B Christie, S Costello, E Jenkins, A Forster, J Connelly, G O’Brien, P Murphy, L Bonner, G Francis, A Rooke, G Gunn, S Kotaras, J Kitschke, M Goodwin, P Kitschke, res T Keain, R Rawlins, L Colman.

The Royal Port Pirie Yacht Club had 139 members. They had 110 senior, 15 junior and 14 cadet members. 

The Solomontown Scout Hall in Princess Park was shifted on rollers from the middle of the park to its current site on the corner. This is now the home of PADARC. 

The Savoy Soccer Club ran a miniature queen competition to aid its ground building fund. There was four entries in the ages 10-12. They were Betty Caputo, Sabina Caputo, Angelina Sciangalepore and Lucy Angione. 

Port Pirie Baseball Club combined side to play Port Augusta was D Blight, N Brooks, T Davies, N Denny, K Hind, J Hockley, L Hughes,  W Kenyon, O Leane, H May, T McKenzie, J Willis, B Rumbelow. 

Entrants in the Miss Crystal Brook Quest in aid of the swimming pool were Gillian Venning, Elaine Bhenna, Anne O’Dea, Jillian Lambert, Wilma Giesberts, Pauline Eddy, Launa Clifton, Maxine Smart, Judith Henry. The event was won by Anne O’Dea. 

St Anthony’s School sports day results. Padua house won the house competition. The captains were Josephine Buckley and Graham Lemm. John Dowler took out the senior boy’s cup and Cecelia Sciangalepore won the girls’ cup. 

Would this be a record when four Lemm brothers – Perc, John, Des and Barry – all had been a member of Port Pirie’s combined football team. 

Five boys helped the Royal Adelaide Children’s Hospital Good Friday appeal. They raised 12 pounds. The boys were Daryl Budd, Adrian Harmer, Barry Stevens and Brian Nelson. 

Pirie driver Dud Lambert took out the honours at a gymkhana held at Backstrom’s Pit. Second place went to Tom Bentley and the third place was Laurie Joyce. The event was held by the Pirie Car Club. 

Premiers in the women’s basketball association were Risdon Tigers. The members were P Davis, S Veitch, E Patek, J Hudson, D Adams, K Martin, R Trewren and H Goold. 

More than 6400 cartons of milk were delivered in the city for the first time. 

Midway Motors and Agnew Motors amalgamated and became known as Union Motors. The proprietors were Terry Murphy and Graham Murphy. 

A crowd of 700 were present at the Port Pirie Town Hall for a concert and a presentation in honour of the silver jubilee of the ordination to the priesthood of the Bishop of Port Pirie, Dr Bryan Gallagher. 

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM


Back row: K McVicar, H Murphy, P Felici, J Brown, G Nielson, K Own, M Bickley and J Deed; middle row: S Burgess, K Roads, C Brown, G Hudson, G Fergusson, J Stephens and F Brown; front row: A Petagna, B Flink and J Davies.