Government seeks comment on Yorke and Northern Local Health Network

The future shape of new country Local Health Networks will be partly determined by the people who know the system best - the staff who work in the regions.

Health MInister Stephen Wade said that as part of the transition from Country Health SA, staff would be asked for feedback on the high-level future design and functions of the networks and associated services.

“The state government is changing SA Health to ensure decisions are made at a local level to the greatest extent possible,” he said.

‘”We want to empower local clinicians, staff and communities to be involved in decisions about their health services.

“We encourage staff to provide feedback on the way local health services will operate and how they relate to one another in the future.

“We recognise that health care needs and challenges vary so we will consult staff to make sure the networks and support services reflect the needs of the community.”

Chairwoman of the Yorke and Northern network Vanessa Boully said talks would continue for four weeks to enable feedback from as many staff as possible.

“Staff on the frontline have a wealth of knowledge and expertise about their local health service,” she said.

“We aim to develop a strong, locally-driven network with services that are tailored to the community. 

“With oversight of the governing board and input from community groups including the Health Advisory Councils, this will bring a fresh perspective to local health services.”

Country Health SA staff and unions have been invited to comment on the functions, leadership structure and future state of their networks.

The six networks will operate from July 1.