Three generations take to Leonard Park

THREE GENERATIONS: Three generations involved in softball took to Leonard Park at the weekend. Pictured are Vicki Deed, Mia Williams and Michelle Williams.
THREE GENERATIONS: Three generations involved in softball took to Leonard Park at the weekend. Pictured are Vicki Deed, Mia Williams and Michelle Williams.

It was the case of two Mamas and a Mia when Vicki Deed scored for the A3 Cats team on Saturday and her daughter and granddaughter played in the team. Softball is a great family sport and we have many examples of family sharing this wonderful game.


Checkmates and Tigers fought out a close game, until the last time at bat when Checkmates were able to pull away. To the bottom of the third the score was three all. With a solid bat from the injured Kim Allen followed by a couple of safe hits from Deanna Spencer and Jess Haren, plus a two-base hit to Leecroft, the score line crept away.  Spectators were treated to some great work from both sides. Rachel Leecroft for Checkmates stopped a certain home run from a big hit from Chloey Dunstall and then for Tigers Jess Finlayson made a great pick up at second from a sizzling hit off Sharon Ciampi, resulting in a double play. Both hits had the makings of being a game changer, good work from both sides. Checkmates were a little under strength, missing Jacqui Graham from their line up, (marriage duties in New Zealand), and then they were forced to replace Kim Allen at the bottom of the 4th innings after she pulled a driver chasing a massive home run from in form Tigers player Casey Baldock.   

An 8 run first innings set Solly Cats on a role for a strong win over Cougars. In those 8 runs, only one run came from a safe hit – young Brooke Waldhuter struggling to find a target in the windy conditions. Unlucky player of the day for Cats would have to go to Jess Axon who wore a solid pitch in the first innings and then at her second at bat she performed a spectacular roll prior to making first base. Tayla Scarman for Cats pieced together two safe hits to be among Cats better batters, but the day belonged to Claire “Bearsie” Beyer who, after a slow start pitched really well, holding Cougars to only one safe hit – finishing with 5 K2’s – a testament to the solid pitcher – catcher combination of Beyer and Burt. A solid, but not convincing Cats win with only 6 safe hits in a slow 3 innings game.


Tigers led for the best part of the game with some spectacular batting from Taylor Gray (1 home run and a two bagger), Hayley Griffiths contributed with two safe hits, but the rest of the batting fell away.  Checkmates Sam Youngman picked up 5 K2’s including the first two Tigers batters of the game. Checkmates didn’t fare much better and left it until the last innings to put on 6 runs and take out the points. Of the 6 runs batted in, only one run was the result of a safe hit, the other 5 runs scored on field errors.  Jess Finlayson for Tigers registered 2 K2’s a little below her best plus one safe hit, but she tired towards the end of the game and allowed runners on base.

It looked as though Cougars were going to hand out a solid defeat to a lethargic Cats side with Cougars leading up until the top of the third innings 8 runs to 0. Cougars Kelly Wood was their lead off batter and contributed solidly with 3 safe hits from 4 times to bat. Katelyn Wilson, who is a most unassuming player batted solidly with a two base hit and toward the end of the game Leah Dall-Afford showed the form of which she is capable with a nice 3 bagger to right field. It took the steadying influence of Cats most experienced player Jo Houghagen to set the tone for a 9-run innings and junior Jordan Ganley and new player Dora Blieschke chipped in with some aggressive batting to tie up the game at the bottom of the third. Cats Chloe Liddicoat found her range at shortstop, Georgia Eades took a spectacular catch at first. Cats chasing one run to win. Dom Fasciano who had pitched well all day took on the field with some aggressive base running and junior Kelsey Monaghan nailed a solid hit to centrefield to bring in the winning run.


Cats Michelle Williams dominated in the game against Checkmates with 6 K2’s and 1 safe hit against and 2 safe hits from 3 times at bat. Good sensible, one base batting enabled Cats to score 9 runs in their first dig – they fell away a little after that but were able to secure a comfortable win. Cats Jess McClafferty is getting the hang of the game and is looking safe at first base – featured in a couple of put outs and registered a safe hit.  Enthusiastic Checkmates member Sharon Ellis – Nunn worked hard to get her team going and, in fact she was the only Checkmates player to register a safe hit for the game. Well done.