Blood service visiting Port Pirie next week

The Australian Red Cross blood service are expecting about 250 people to donate blood when their mobile blood donor centre visits Port Pirie next week. 

The service already has 230 people booked in to donate both blood and plasma when they visit the Virtus Soccer Club next week, yet the service wants to remind existing donors to keep their appointments and encourage new donors to make time to donate.

A Blood Service spokesperson Jessica Willet says there is a constant need for blood and they need donors to continue returning. 

“We’re asking those donors with book appointments to please try and keep them unless they’re unwell.”

“We’re also always looking for new donors to sign up to donate blood across South Australia to ensure patients get the vital blood they need, so we’re hoping to find some new donors in Port Pirie”, Jessica said. 

The state wide service requires 500 new donors to sign up and donate each month in South Australia to ensure patients get the vital blood they need. 

Donating only takes one hour of your time and each donation helps save the lives of three Australian patients. 

The mobile blood donor centre will be located at the Virtus Soccer Club at 9 Parks Street on: 

  • Monday January 14: 1.30pm- 6pm
  • Tuesday January 15: 11.00 am- 7.30pm
  • Wednesday January 16: 11.30am- 7.30pm
  • Thursday January 17: 7.30am- 12.30pm

To make an appointment, visit the website or call 13 14 95.