Young cricketers take to Adelaide Oval during India-Australia Test

The Woolworths Junior Blasters cricketers had a trip of a lifetime from Port Pirie to Adelaide Oval.

They are five-to-seven-year-olds interested in the sport, both boys and girls. It used to be called the Milo program back in the day, but is now sponsored by the supermarket. 

The children train once a week, learning skills, and get a taste of the activity before they are old enough to play actual junior cricket.

Coach Ben Brown, of the South Australian Cricket Association, outlined an opportunity for the kids to take part in activities on Adelaide Oval during lunch on day four of the India-Australia Test.

The youngsters joined children of the same age from various parts of South Australia who are involved in their own Junior Blasters programs.

But it was the little Blasters who were lucky enough to form the guard of honour to welcome the cricketers back onto the field after lunch.

It was a huge honour for these future champions.