Sensational sky show marks start of 2019 | PHOTOS

Fireworks filled the sky and seascape on New Year’s Eve.

As up to 10,000 revellers kissed and hugged to welcome 2019, the sky show cemented itself as the best display in Port Pirie’s history.

The display included a sheet of sparkles falling from the John Pirie Bridge and floating canisters spouting colourful plumes in the night air.

The fireworks first exploded at 9.30am in a “family” demonstration enabling parents to then take their children home to bed.

Mayor Leon Stephens counted down the clock to midnight to herald another, bigger, display that included the fireworks on the water.

The venue was the Solomontown boat ramp, grassed area and beach with the main street closed to traffic at the request of police who wanted maximum safety for the revellers.

The sea of people erupted into kisses, hugs and handshakes as the New Year ticked over.

Local performer Yorke Heath bonded with the crowd in an initial hour-long show followed by Adelaide band Bliss.

“It went over really well. It was good to have a local musician on stage,” said Port Pirie Regional Council’s events co-ordinator Genevieve Pontikinas.

“There were lots of young people and families – that was the focus of the event. Many families gathered at the beach. The fireworks impressed the crowd – the displays exceeded expectations this year.”

The crowd included people from Port Augusta, Peterborough, Jamestown, Laura and Gladstone.

In his speech, Mr Stephens told the audience that his heart would beat 45 million times in a year and “I would not change one of them not be in this area”.

He said the sealing of Florence Street between Alexander and David Streets would go ahead this year as would the Port Davis jetty upgrade.

                         - Greg Mayfield