Births are very special beginnings

Words of Worship is a weekly column published for the Port Pirie Ministers' Association.
Words of Worship is a weekly column published for the Port Pirie Ministers' Association.

Today I headed into the new sports precinct to check out the pool. It opened today! It’s a new beginning.

Even the outdoor pool (it’s still the same pool as before) looks refreshed with direct access to the new indoor pools, gym and coffee space. I have my pass for this new season.

The pageant is over; school assemblies scheduled; end of year parties planned. It’s a wrapping up time, AND, it’s a beginning time.

We finish off the year and we start the summer. The town looks ready.

It’s the same with our Christmas celebrations. As we prepare for Christmas we are looking forward to a birthday; we are going to celebrate the birthday of the Son of God.

Births are very special beginnings and there’s always much to do to have everything ready for the day of the birth.

Birthdays are very special remembering times – planning and inviting; remembering what’s been before and thinking about “now I am 12 (ie I’m only 12 months away from being a teenager)” or “now I’m 65 (and ready to retire)”, “what will the new year bring”?

And Jesus’ birthday (the birth of Christ) has us looking back and remembering.

God so loves the world that he sends his own Son to live with us so that we can see God face to face and know him.

What we are to celebrate at Christmas is the “story of heaven opened, God’s glory unveiled, and God meeting us here and now” as well as there and then. (Bethlehem 2000 years ago).  

And as we celebrate this birthday with family and food and beach and holidays and presents, we are reminding ourselves that God so loves the world that he is going to come again.

We are to wait in eager readiness.

The memories of Jesus first mysterious coming to earth are to sustain and encourage us – save us from ourselves – as we wait the final unveiling of God’s majesty and love at his second coming.

At that time all heaven and earth will be made new, every tear will be wiped away and God will be right here with us – his kingdom established forever.

Be blessed as you get ready to celebrate the Birthday!

- Mary Lewis (Port Pirie Ministers Association)