Will your school be open on Thursday? | SCHOOL CLOSURES

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The South Australian Department of Education has released the list of schools that will be closed until 12.15pm on Thursday afternoon. 

Around 20 per cent of schools in the state will close for the morning, with the majority of others operating as per normal or with modified learning programs. 

The Port Pirie schools that will be affected are: 

  • John Pirie Secondary School (modified program)
  • Airdale Primary School 
  • Port Pirie West Primary School 
  • Risdon Park Primary School 

The Mid North schools that will be affected are: 

  • Wilmington Preschool 
  • Wilmington Primary School 
  • Quorn Area School 
  • Hawker Area School 
  • Koolunga Primary School 

Schools and preschools are notifying parents and carers directly. 

This list of schools is accurate as of 8.30 am, Wednesday November 28, 2018. It will be updated as further information is received. 

The full list of closing schools can be found here