Resounding win for BHAS Blue team

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Blue had a good win against Port Germein, winning 68 shots to 19 shots.

Judy Underwood was back for the first time this season, which really strengthened the rink with Virginia Mahoney, Marie Williams and Lina Amato.  They won against Jeanette Valente’s rink 32 shots to 7 shots.

After end nine Jeanette’s rink had won six of the first nine ends.

However the three ends that Judy’s rink won were all multiples including a five shot end, so despite being in front in ends won, Pt. Germein trailed 7 shots to 11 shots.  After that Judy’s girls soared ahead and Jeanette’s team was unable to win another end.

Maxine Northcott’s rink with Wilma Hendry, Shirley Bennett and Kerrie Rawlins won against Faye Kemp’s rink 36 shots to 12 shots.  Maxine’s girls played strongly all day.

Purple played Laura and lost 26 shots to 68 shots.  It was a sobering day for Purple, with Laura much too good on the day.

Shaz Saler’s rink with Joylene Todd, Nancy Warne and June Osborne lost to Karin Lynch’s rink 12 shots to 32 shots. Shaz’s girls started well and were in front for the first eight ends.  

Then Karin’s girls soared ahead winning most of the ends, with many multiples.

Di Watson’s rink with Coral Partridge, Pamela Stevens and Aggie Davies lost to Jeanette Clark’s rink 14 shots to 36 shots.  

Laura was in front all day. Di’s girls, although not bothering Jeanette’s girls, were lagging at a respectable distance, but the Laura girls came home strongly, winning 16 shots in the last six ends, which really stung!

Gold had a win against Laura 35 shots to 28 shots.

Glenys Meyers with Melinda Pearce, Heather Whitehead and Harry Ciotucha won against Helen Brand’s rink 21 shots to 8 shots. Glenys’ rink played strongly and consistently all day.

Marian Sandow’s rink with Dot Dunn, Val Funke and Ros Everett lost to Delma Noonan’s rink 14 shots to 20 shots.

Marian’s rink stayed in touch with Laura, but Laura had a few “bursts” of consecutive end wins which did the damage.

Good bowling and friendships.