Dunstall in top form


Magnificent batting by lead off batter Chloey Dunstall gave Tigers a winning edge over a talented young Cougar side.  

Dunstall batted 4 safehits from 4 times at bat and had plenty of work to do in the field.

Tigers got out of the blocks early – bringing in 7 runs in their first dig, then the determined Cougars side held them scoreless for the next 2 innings.

Cougars Helen Webb has found herself in the most unlikely position of pitcher this season, but she brings a lot of experience into the infield and strength into the batting line up.  

Webb recorded two safe hits and a couple of K2’s to be among Cougars best.

In the third inning Cougars rallied putting on 6 runs to bring them within one run, but Tigers prevailed in the last innings to score 4 runs and come out winners.

Shenae Fogden for Cougars is becoming a valuable player with her strong batting and safe glove in the outfield.

Fogden played at centerfield this week, but her strong position could be left field, her batting is strong, but a little hit and miss now.

In a very low scoring game, Solly Cats accounted for Checkmates – a game which kept spectators entertained.

Tamisha Caddy pitching to Sharyn Combe was an awesome battery for Checkmates.

Caddy conceded only two safe hits for the game had 5 K2’s, but also gave up 4 batters to a safe walk.

Caddy looks very fast and will worry most batters when her rhythm returns.

Her batting will also improve – Caddy had the only safe hit for Checkmates in the game.  

With a good field behind her, Claire Beyer was credited with pitching a winning game.

Beyer is not as fast as Caddy, but her ability to tempt the players into batting was their downfall Checkmates players flying out in the most instance to the infield.

“Cougars Helen Webb has found herself in the most unlikely position of pitcher this season, but she brings a lot of experience into the infield and strength into the batting line up.”

Beyer conceded one safe hit and 5 base on balls and 2 K2’s.

Cats scored in the 3rd and 5th innings courtesy of safe hitters Sonia Manfield and Penny Lynch. Penno had a great game giving a safe option at 1st, a change from her normal outfield position.

Checkmates brought in their solitary run courtesy a solid drive to third base by speedster Kim Allen.


Kristy O’Neill for Cougars continues to improve, especially with her batting. 

Two safe hits and holding Tigers to 3 runs Cougars recorded a strong win.

There is quite a depth in the Cougars batting this season with some powerful batters placed in the most strategic position in Cougars line up.

Cougars were slow out of the blocks and to the credit of the undermanned Tigers side it wasn’t until the third innings when every player crossed the plate that Cougars gained the ascendency with a 9-run inning.

Marlee Biddell for Cougars who is still eligible for the under 17 competition is showing some strength in the higher grade.

Constant exposure to this type of competition will strengthen her game.

The Solly Cats and Checkmates game was a cliff hanger with the result decided on the last play of the day.  

Cats held a 7 nil lead up until the bottom of the 4th innings, then Checkmates made a charge courtesy of some patient batting by Checkmates to bring the score to 7 all.  

Dora Blieschke for Cats took a screamer of a catch in the outfield – had that gone through Cats would have been in all sorts of trouble.

Alena Marshman for Checkmates also had play of the day – taking a great catch off a solid drive from Tanya Scarman.  

Luckily, she had her glove in the right position, otherwise the result could have been quite nasty.

Bernie Good was impassable at third for Checkmates, making it hard for Cats to get runners on base, her contribution of 2 safe hits, along with a brilliant two base hit from Sam Youngman for Checkmates set the scene for a thrilling last innings.  

Checkmates up by two Cats go their first runner on base and then a solid hit from Carla Franson brought the winning runs over the plate. Softball was the winner – a great game to watch.


It’s great to see some of the junior under 17 players putting their hand up to play in the senior grades and making an impact.

This week we had Meteha DiGeronimo playing in the same side as her grandmother Ngaire Simms for Checkmates.

DiGeronimo held her own, contributing with two safe hits from two at bats.

Checkmates had the double header this week, going down to a solid display from Cougars.

Checkmates held their own for the first couple of innings, but a 9 and 7 run innings by Cougars really showed their batting strength.

Donna Smith was strong with 3 safe hits and Karen Bowering shows that she still has the ability with 3 safe hits and credited with pitching a winning game.

In the second game Checkmates played Cats and Checkmates fortunes were reversed as they came away with a comfortable win.

Kylie Backshall started on the mound for Checkmates – during that time Cats were able to put bat to ball, scoring 6 runs in their first at bat.  

When Johanna Munn took over – Cats found a safe hit hard to get, although Dora Blieschke continues to improve with 2 safe hits and some solid outs from shortstop.

Evergreen Kay Lawlor is a fierce competitor for Checkmates and very rarely does she play a bad game – 2 safe hits for Lawlor.


Checkmates recorded a strong win against Cougars  with a strong showing from youngsters Abbey Sutcliffe and Kyah Dienhoff for Checkmates.  

It is great to see these young players improving every week and making their mark, not only in their grade, but performing strongly in the higher, more demanding A2 competition.

Delira Neil for Checkmates looks like she might be following in her mum’s footsteps.

This was the only game played in this competition with Solly Cats forfeiting to Cougars, with Cats players required for basketball and dance duties leaving them without a team and the under 13 team playing at the same time, thus not being able to fill a side.


Solly Cats recorded a narrow win over Checkmates. In this competition clubs have an option to play boys in their respective sides.

It was good to see Liam Williams making a name for himself for Cats – carrying on the Williams/Deed tradition.

Checkmates were too strong for Tigers, with Farley O’Brien featuring in the  side’s strong win.

Holding down the difficult shortstop position and having a go at pitching – well done with a safe hit and a couple of ground balls to third, also managing 3 K2’s – well done.