Nosey Parker: From the 1963 archives

1999: Tigers U16 boys claimed the premiership in the 1998/99 season.
1999: Tigers U16 boys claimed the premiership in the 1998/99 season.

The Port Line vessel 'Port Pirie' visited the city for the first time since its maiden voyage in 1948. The 'Port Pirie' was built in 1946 in the shipyards of Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson on the River Tyne.

Proprietary Football Club past and present players played a charity game. The past players were J Willis, C Chappell, K Heggen, B Wiskar, J Marshall, G Hudson, B Finch, J Davies, E Scott, J Scott, B Norris, H Simpson, J Saris, B Thompson, T Ryan, L Colman, R Coombe, A Wade.

The Port Pirie Archery Club first committee after it was affiliated with the Archery Society of SA was Roy Langenberg president, John Holt vice president, Alf Grenfell captain, Geoff Bernahrdt secretary and Mrs Lesley treasurer.

The girls in the Miss Quest at the Smelter's Picnic were Ann Hutchinson, Sandra Peel, Kay Donovan, Nanette Sharpe, Christine Sherry, Lynette Dormer, Jacqualyn Stevens, Helen Lawlor, Sylvia Norton, Shirley Wauchope, Janice Broadfoot. The winner was Ann Hutchinson. Baby champions were Christine Brown and Tony Moore at the picnic.

Warnertown Road site car firm Auto Crash was given permission to establish a car repair business on the site.

Risdon Primary School was the winner of the Combined Schools Sports Day. The winning shield was presented to the winning captains Trudy Leske and Stephen Edwards.

Kevin Diggens, North Cricket Club all-rounder, was chosen in a combined country side to play South Africa in Whyalla. He took 4/84 and made a duck.

Ron Turley who has driven the same 1936 model truck for W.H Moyle since he joined the firm in December 1, 1937, retired.

The final of the darts was won by the Port Pirie RSL team 'The Sappers'. The team was G Bray, E Stimson, L Benn, J Whelan, N Flint and F Hall.

Thirty young girls were in Miss Carnival Quest at the Napperby Hall, it was won by Cheryl Walton, second Mary Zubrinich, third Lorraine Galton, fourth Heather Nykiel.

Dicky Pryor Memorial Handicap Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament was won by Jim and Collen Deane who beat Grant Simes and Raelene Dunsford.

The Port Football Club offered to surrender its oval to the control of the Port Pirie City Council. However, councillors were not anxious to resume control of the area which lies in the swamp land on Wandearah and Esmond Road.

Stomping, the latest dancing craze to hit Australian dance floors, was banned from Port Pirie Town Hall. The ban was imposed when the dance floor was moved six inches when the dancers done the stomp.

The victorious White Heathers Marching Team won the senior section of the competitions held at Memorial Oval. The team was Yvonne Richter, Jan May, Helen Niedorfer, Bev Owens, Kay Vincent, Cherie Wilson, Sandra Lane, Jenny Hector, Gwen Couzner, Kay Donovan, Kathy Kilgallon and Annette Gutte.

The nominations for Sportsman of the Year were Warren Sharpe (swimming), Myles Fuller (cricket), Perce Sly (bowls), Marilyn Reichelt (softball), Ken Bessen (squash), Mick Vanvacas (football), Bobby Elliott (boxing), John Whitehead (cycling), Kevin Diggens (cricket), Jim Deane (football). The winners were Jim Deane and Marilyn Reichelt.

The Madigan and Recorder Medal was won by Proprietary player Bruce Curtis with 20 votes from Barry Dolphin, South Whyalla, with 18 votes. Barry Thompson, captain/coach of Risdon B Grade, won the Munro Medal.


Gary Penny, back, Joshua Smith, Chad Wade, Damien Mummery, Viv Coe, Tim Philps, Corran Wickham, Jasmine Scarman, Matt Mummery, front, Jesse Penny, Tate Bradley, Thomas Yendall and Sam Galpin. 

Nosey Parker ...with Des Parker OAM

Nosey Parker ...with Des Parker OAM