Paul Moebus’ eagle delight

KIRCHNER IN ACTION: Roger Kirchner putts on the number two scrape recently.

KIRCHNER IN ACTION: Roger Kirchner putts on the number two scrape recently.

I am not sure what should take precedence over all the other stories this week, whether it be that Paul Moebus scored an eagle on the fifth, that Lee Dannenburg lost his ‘sandwich’ or that Phil Bickley shot a birdie on the eighteenth.

They all have their own story so we will just cut to the sponsors of the day instead.

Joy and Doug Parr sponsored a mystery pairs’ competition for the day.

It is lovely to have them back in the sponsorship role and the club appreciates their generosity in this manner, especially after the tough year they have had.

However, it looks like things have turned around and they will have the time to spend smelling the roses.

We hope to see Doug back on the golf course soon.

So, Paul Moebus shot an eagle, on the fifth.

This was the fourth eagle in as many weeks, just proving that the course and especially the scrapes are in good condition.

Moebus, himself, had scored thirty seven points and had picked up the Nearest the Pin on ten, had been partnered with Terry Gloede.

Together they had tallied a score of seventy four.

Not bad you would think, however, when you have Vance Remphrey who had freakily shot a forty five and had been paired with Ralph Johnson on a thirty five, well, an eighty was a wee bit hard to beat.

Vance took out the play off the day, along with NTP on five, but how could you pass by Andrew’s Chivell’s card.

When Mr Chivell is hot, he is absolutely burning. Chivell had played the front nine one over par, all pars apart from on four where his one over had come into play.

However, the freaky back nine – well, amazing.

Five under par on the back nine. How does he do it?

Birdies on eleven, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and seventeen, the other four he had pared.

This is gut wretching, because on a handicap of four and playing a stableford game, a most ridiculous game to score, I can only say, Andrew Chivell, take a bow.

Chivell had also taken home the Long Drive in A Grade.

Right, to Phil Bickley. As already stated, Mr Bickley had shot a birdie on the eighteenth.

Now this stands as news because we in the Sprig Bar are subject to his grumblings each and every week after his game.

We listen to how he hates the eighteenth, no-one can play that hole, we should rip it up.

And we all listen with a smile on our faces and this week we all smiled even wider.

Never again, do we want to hear that grumbling, anything is possible.

Bickley did have quite a good round, with thirty five points and paired with Steve Funke, who had a brilliant round with forty points, the pair had sat comfortably in the Ball Winners’ List.

Kevin Stokes had been paired up with Matt Kennedy for the final tally of the day and with thirty eight and thirty nine respectively, they had been only three stokes of the pace for the day.  

Kennedy also took home the NTP on sixteen.

And so we come to the Dannenburg/ Kirchner combination. Welcome back to Lee Dannenburg who hasn’t played for five or six years.

Over the past three or four weeks Lee has spent quite a bit of time honing his skills back to where they used to be.

Playing off a handicap of nine, he is sure that he will slice some off that in the coming months.

He is on the right course and had tallied up forty points and with Kirchner’s thirty five, they had both collected a ball.

Dannenburg had also taken home NTP on fourteen and thank goodness he had found his ‘sandwich’.

What happened was, Dannenburg had played with John Penny and Dino Tattoli.

On one hole he had suddenly turned and said, ‘I have lost my ‘sandwich’, and had taken off down the fairway, back the way he had come.

Tattoli had turned to Penny and said’ Jeez, he must be hungry if he is running back to get it, he could have had half of my sandwich if he is that hungry’.

Ummm, it was of course Dannenburg’s Sand Wedge that he had left behind.

Good for a laugh though!

Trevor Spillman and Brian Key turned out to be a fair pair and had finished the day with a combined seventy four, just keeping them in the Ball Winner’s list.

‘Keysey’ had a good round with forty points and with Spilly’s thirty three they had returned quite a respectable score.

Next week is the Captain/Vice-Captain’s Round, a stroke round of play.

There is only a couple of weeks left in the winter season competition.

The round after next week is the President/Vice-President’s round, followed by the Port Pirie Golf Club Grand Final Day, a stableford round.

A few good weeks of golf, don’t miss it.

Until then, happy golfing!