Strong Birds team flies high over Bugs

The Birds were flying high on Wednesday night. It was their turn to take full advantage of the ‘French connection’, namely Damien Berneaux, who proved to be ‘the wind beneath their wings’.

The Bugs were stuck on 134 for three out of the five rounds of the match. By the second round the Birds were in full stride; they pulled off a perfect score of 168.

There were however some very evenly contested encounters in spite of the Birds seemingly having control of the match. One case in point was when Kenton and Trez of the Birds took on Bryll and Tanya of the Bugs in the second game of the night.

The Bugs were buoyant after they won the first game in convincing style; 21:13. With Kenton’s urging Trez settled into a steadier pattern of play, resulting in an almost even, Steven’s outcome of 21:14.

Trez featured in yet another close call when he and Santhosh fronted Meng and Tanya Williams. Meng and Tanya were quick to streak ahead in the first leaving the Birds in their wake and playing catch up for the whole game. They won this game 21:16. The Birds were having none of that!

They dug their heels in at the change of ends. It was Santhosh and Trez’s undertaking from then on to reduce the number of unforced errors which had led to their downfall in the first. This paid off for them. They won the second 21:17, thus countering the Bugs’ short-lived advantage.

Heading into the third round; in spite of the Birds just pulling off a perfect score, the Bugs were still only trailing by 53 points. It was however at this juncture of the match that their game plan came undone. The Birds outscored them by 51 points, which meant an almost doubling their winning edge.  

Facing off in the final round of the match Paul Berry and Gary Holthouse of the Bugs might have looked at the odds of giving Damien Berneaux and the fortunate Greg Fidge a run for their money as being a bit of a lost cause; but they didn’t.

They gave it their absolute best shot and point by point they were able to keep in touch. This was no walkover. A score of 21:18 was nothing to be sneezed at.

After the change of ends the Bugs pair built upon the inroads they made in the first, the Birds pair relaxed a little too much and surprise!, surprise!, the Bugs jagged a welcome win of 21:17 in the second.  

Ruth Jacka contributed in no small way to the bottom line for the Birds on Wednesday night.

She went home with a full card of 210 points. She was full of vim and vigour and as always her court smarts and demeanour demonstrate her absolute love of the game.

She featured in the very last game of the night that clinched the deal once and for all for the Birds when she and Robyn H. fronted Moore and Jonty. Moore and Jonty were in with a chance before the change of ends having only conceded 3 points.

It all turned to water after that though, with the Birds winning the last game of the night by 21:14.  

BIRDS 801 defeated the BUGS 647.