Chloe’s art prize win

John Pirie Secondary School’s festival of the arts was held last Wednesday night which gave their middle and secondary students the opportunity to showcase their work to the wider school community.

The display had a range of work featuring visual art pieces from Year 8-12, photography, the visual art prize and the community vote prize.

Taking out this year’s visual art prize was Year 11 student Chloe Fuller. This was not the first time Chloe has one the prize and she says her use of metallic paint is what sets her works apart from the others.

“I had never tried spray paint before, I wanted to really do something with it. I focused on metallic colours and I thought they really popped with the lighting. I did splotches on it first and then with the acrylic paint I did the shading.”

Chloe’s piece ‘For Dripping Metallic’ took her two weeks to create and focuses on working with the facial features of the girl. She feels incredible privileged to receive the award for her piece.

“There are so many good art pieces here as well and it is thrilling to get it. I have entered and won the prize before. I am really proud of it”, she said. 

Lauren Keynes the arts coordinator for the school says that the festival provides those students who may not be gifted in sports or other academic subjects the opportunity to build their confidence.

“I think it is a great opportunity for our students to show their talents that are in different, creative ways rather than on the sports field. It is about building their confidence on entering things to be judged and it may be something they chose to do later in life”, Lauren said. 

The festival has been running for five years now and this year, Lauren says the quality of work is on par with what they have seen in previous years, but it was even harder for the judges to judge.

“We had over 30 entries this year for the art prize and it is on par with last year, it seems to be progressing and the students take on the opportunity. We have entries photographs to paintings and drawings.”

Students are given the opportunity to work on their 2D or 3D after school or in their lunch time hours, all to put themselves in the running for the $350 prize.

On the night there was a range of musical and drama performances, featuring the performance Are We There Yet? by Lindsay Price.