Cold, wet and windy semi-finals

Round two of semi-finals was cold, wet and windy, much unlike round one which was more finals weather we’re used to. Our Under 14 Boys were up first on Friday night and gave everything they had right down to the wire.  Risdon came back with a late goal to even the score to 2-2, but the Panthers boys were just too strong in defense, sending Risdon into prelims.  Dylan Beveridge played well for Risdon and Charlie Webb got the votes for Panthers.

Next up were the Div 4 Men, where Panthers defeat St Andrews 4-1.  Two goals for Vinnie DeGioia got him some points for the Blues while Rowdy lived up to his name and got the umpires best.

Div 1 Women took to the turf next where the Tigers proved why they deserve their spot by beating PRP 3-1. Young Grace Tattoli got the goal for Panthers and earned her spot in the team.  The Blieschke sisters stood out for Risdon as always, netting a goal each, alongside captain Elke Holze.

St Andrews and Panthers Div 1 Men finished the night off for us, where PRP took the golden ticket to the grand final.  Saints’ Byron Johns let loose in the goals, with what can only be described as some of the best saves of the century, but Lee Kirchner has a name to live up to as highest goal scorer and netted himself another.

Saturday morning the juniors showcased our turf. St Marks Under 14 Girls head off to the big show, beating Panthers 1-0 after a very close match.

Another draw saw Panthers luckily move onto the grand finals, coming up nil-all full time against Risdon in the Under 18 Boys. Deon Smith and Adam Jackson were standouts to the umpires, but both teams played well and showed great sportsmanship.

A hat-trick of goals to Grace Tattoli in the Under 18 Girls got her to four goals for the weekend and her team into the grand final, beating St Andrews 4-1. Quinn Lane played a stellar game for the Saints, while Aleisha Finlay’s goal and great team work got her the votes for Panthers. Div 3 Men started off the senior games for Saturday afternoon, where Panthers worked hard to beat Strykers 3-2. Young Charlie Webb run the attack for the Blues, and Scott Tattoli kept Strykers in check.

Up next were the Div 3 Women, where mother and daughter duo Jo and Alyce Ferme netted two goals each, and Paula Blieschke kept up with her girls by scoring too. This put Risdon through leaving Panthers 5-0 behind. Young Brianna Demarco played a blinder for Risdon, while Maryanne Young, Marika Ervin and Annie Oxford lead the juniors by example. Saints would be happy to have at least one team straight through, when their Div 2 Men beat Panthers 3-2. A close game kept both teams on their toes but Panthers just couldn’t match the skill of Dylan Brooks and Patrick Wauchope.

Chloe Buchanan would be pretty proud of herself, netting four of Panthers’ five goals in the Div 2 Womens match. Shereen Connolly made number five, putting Panthers through against Saints 5-1. Quinn Lane got player of the match for both her Junior and Senior matches, and well deserved for a quiet achiever who is definitely a player to watch!