Round honours Lu Tolosa

COURSE ACTION: Trevor Spillman tees off on the first, last Saturday.

COURSE ACTION: Trevor Spillman tees off on the first, last Saturday.

Lu Tolosa was a dear man, and in the time that I had known him, a man I had taken to my heart and I think he had also taken me to his. He was to be seen sitting at the bar in the clubhouse on a Friday night, after having driven in from Port Germein, and having  a couple of quiet ales with a couple of his old mates, ‘Rump’ Wade and Tommy Skewes and at times Trevor Ryan and Brian Meschke.

A couple of quiet ones and then a nice dinner and he was gone again until the next Friday night. Lu had served at El Alamain in Egypt during the Second World War and had told me a few tales of that time, long gone. I loved Lu like a Grandfather and from the time he passed away I have sponsored a Memorial Day in his memory. The first year I had bought a lovely wooden barometer, I had always wanted one, and I told John that he had better win this trophy. Well, he did. The second year I found a lovely wooden mantle clock, one that I would have loved to have kept instead. I said to John, well you know the drill. Johnny was a good boy and bought home the spoils. But then, the winnings came to a big halt and the likes of Darren Turner and Phil Bickley had taken home the trophies that I had bought with care. Well, this year I bought a big, flash foot massager. Quite a beauty. I said to John, yep, you know it – and yes, last Saturday John brought home the prized foot massager. Good husband!

With a score of forty points he had finished a wee bit in front of the two next contenders. Penny had pared every hole on the front nine apart from the third, where had had finished two over, thus thirty eight, two over par had been his front score. The back nine was not quite as successful but it was good enough to give him the forty stableford points that he had needed for a win. Ralph Johnson and Gary Ryan had both finished their round with thirty eight points. Johnson had quite an even round with thirty nine on both the front and back nine, playing off a handicap of nine, giving him twenty points on the front and eighteen on the back. Gary Ryan had played his game with eleven pars and one birdie, giving him twenty points on the front and eighteen on the back. Ryan is not too far away from a win.

And then they were racing to the line, but not quite getting there, all on thirty seven points were the next six golfers. This list had consisted of Marc Johnson, Tony Ridge, Tim Besesn, Trevor Spillman, Andrew Smith and Roger Kirchner. Yep, all on thirty seven. The handicapper has taken the axe to Marc Johnson over the last couple of weeks, after starting play on a twenty he is already down to a thirteen, although I do hear that his handicap did go out a bit after today’s game. Tony Ridge was on fire again hitting seventy three off the stick, but it was a Stableford round and with his handicap of three, well, that makes it hard. Tim Bessen’s card had given the impression that he had been caught in the rain, but overall a good game. Trevor Spillman had earnt himself twenty points on the front nine and seventeen on the back with a birdie on the eighth. Andrew Smith had hit seven pars on the front and then five pars on the back nine but the wheels had almost fell off for the last four holes. Although only one shot over on each, there had been four in a row and it does make a big difference. And then the last of the thirty seven club, Roger Kirchner, had hit seventy seven off the stick but with the fate of all short handicappers, it had made it hard for him to score points with a handicap of nine. It was interesting to note that only two players had pared the eighteenth, Ralph Johnson and Tony Ridge. The Nearest the Pin winners had been Matt Kennedy on ten, Tony Ridge on fourteen and the sixteenth had gone to Russell Sard. The Long Drives had gone to – and yes, Andrew Smith is back, scoring in A Grade.

He is supposed to be resting his arm but no, Andrew knows best. Tim Bessen took out B Grade and Dino Tattoli in C Grade. Tattoli had picked up the NTP marker after his hit and had taken it with him Well, he had been the only one in C Grade – not that it takes anything away from Dino’s drive, he has a fair swing on him.

Next week is Doug and Joy Parr’s Mystery Pairs Day. Well, that should be an interesting one, for the players anyway. I have a new camera also, so be very careful all of you golfers.

Until next week, happy golfing!