Cause to cycle for

The Flinders Touring Motorcycle Association have given generously to Port Pirie’s Mid North Education Centre, making a $1,200 donation last Tuesday. 

The association hold an annual rally, this year known as the ‘wombat rally’ and decided to donate the funds to a local school or charity of their choice. 

In previous years, Wayne Lethbridge, their president said that they had donated to Angel Flight and Kids for Cancer, yet this year they thought to revisit a previous place of donation. 

“Each year we look to see who we want to donate to and usually we try to keep it local. The last couple of years we have had members who have had family or friends who have used services like Angel Flight and Kids for Cancer”, Mr Lethbridge explained.

“This year no one had anything and a few years ago we donated about 12 push bikes and helmets to the Mid North Education Centre and thought it was time to come back.” 

The school will spend the donation on equipment for their sensory room that is going to be upgraded before the end of the school year.

Mr Lethbridge says their giving stems from the realisation that not all funding covers what a school such as the Mid North Education Centre may need.

“You have got your core items that you need, but there is stuff that places like the Mid North Education Centre need that are outside the funding requirements and our donation can actually help get those little things, or put towards those larger things”, he said.  The group do what they can for their local community.