Nosey Parker: From the 1937 archives

1997: Hockey stars in 1997 included the members of Risdon's Division Two men's premiership team.
1997: Hockey stars in 1997 included the members of Risdon's Division Two men's premiership team.

Arbor Day at Solomontown Primary School, 16 trees were planted at Prince's Park. The girls who planted trees were Connie Westley, Helen Davies, Norma Hocking, Joan Watts, Betty Marshall, Joan Hendrie, Betty Parker, Joyce Adams, Ivy Shrimpton, M Adams, Rita Sedunary, Beryl Sedunary, Betty Hillier, Patricia Harmer, Fanny Key, Patty Johns, Claire Stephens. Boys were Dean Perkins, Noel Laube, Max Sampson, Victor Scarman, John Sjostrom, K Foster, George Adams, Len Freer, Bert Thompson, Wilfred Bain, Clive Leske, John Lelacheur, Alf Robinson, Kingsley Smith, Edgar Jones. 

A night cricket association formed, they were RSL Federal Cricket and Sports, Pirie Hotel Sports Club, Machine Shop, Electrical Light Cricket Club, Boiler Shop Club, Tennyson Boys Cricket Club. They played on the corner of Memorial Oval and the playground. 

A big beer strike in Poirt Pirie turned Warnertown into a busy town. The strike was over hotel owners who put up the price of beer. The union members rejected this and placed a ban on drinking beer. This happened on Christmas Day, all bar and house staff in the 10 hotels were put on a week's dismissal notice. The scene in front of the Flinders Rest Hotel in Warnertown resembled a sports meeting with cars, lorries and bikes outside the hotel, with residents from Port Pirie. 

Five Pirie footballers who were playing league football in Adelaide were C Mount, F Stigwood, G Jobson, R Honniball and S Warne. 

History of Pirie Horse Ambulance, purchased by the racing club in 1912. When Pirie's motor ambulance broke down and was withdrawn from service a few months ago and the antiquated horse vehicle issued forth in its place many wondered whence it came and to whom it belonged. Twenty-five years ago the horse ambulance, then new and modern according to standards of time, was purchased by Pirie Racing Club and presented to the town council. The suggestion which moved the racing club to make the purchase came from Mr J Firmin Jenkins, then secretary, who proposed that instead of donating the fractions from Totalisator to local charities, the amount be put towards an ambulance. The idea was that the racing club pay for the purchase of the vehicle and present it to the council on condition that it would be available free of charge to the club on race day. At a meeting on July 19, 1911, it was decided to purchase it, on June 17, 1912. The new ambulance arrived in Port Pirie built by Duncan and Fraser Coach Builders for 100 pounds. 

Triumphal arrival of the first train over the Redhill Line. The Centenary Limited Trains brought 425 passengers over the new line. The trains had 31 race horses for a race meeting at the Coonamia Race Track.

Pirie welcomed the Great Iron Way. Impressive moments occured as state met Commonwealth at Pirie Junction in the presence of the most distinguished assemblage of Australia's leading me and an immense concourse of people. Mr J.A Lyons, Prime Minister, at Solomontown Junction severed the golden ribbon for the last barrier between a long-awaited Redhill to Port Augusta Railway.

An explosion at the Port Pirie Anchorage saw the British Steamer 'Kingswood' crippled when a boiler shot like a torpedo across the ship leaving a gaping 25-foot hole in the bow. The ship was towed in to the wharf, the hole was repaired by Cheesmans which took a couple of months. A Dutch tug later towed it back to England, that took 22 weeks.

The Rechabite Lodge built a new hall on Florence Street. The Lodge started in Port Pirie in 1877 with 27 members.  


Michael Demarco, back, Kevin Demarco, Darryl Ramsay, Dave Evans, Dick Roberts, Jamie Chivell, Tom Hunter, Jason Demarco, front, Chad Warne and Dick van Giesen.

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM