Strong Bees team dominates over Birds

The Bees had it all their own way on Wednesday night. The Birds had no answers for the onslaught that they faced from start to finish. Damien Berneaux was relentless in his quashing of any strategies that his Birds counterpart endeavoured to deploy.

His was a full card at the end of the night. He and Meng began proceedings in round one with a 23 point win to kick off the match.

John Pop was another Bees’ player who finished the night with a perfect score of 168.

While most of the contests appeared to be a bit lopsided there were some very brave counter attacks mounted by the erstwhile Birds’ side. Santhosh and Trez Ladra jagged a perfect score when they came up against Gary Holthouse and Vy.

Birds pair Gary and Vy were just pipped at the post in the first game 20:21. They lost their mojo in the second however, only managing to scrape together 11 points.

Newcomer Tan and Margaret Furechi found that they were more than evenly matched as they battled it out throughout the course of the evening. While the score-line did not necessarily reflect this; it is evident that both of these players are improving in leaps and bounds.

Denisa Pop put in a sterling effort for the Birds when she found herself playing at number seven this week, two spots higher than her usual position.

She was able to contribute in no small way to the defence of the Birds team who were well and truly up against it. She has taken the mantra of ‘show no mercy’ to heart and it pays off for her.

She was not in the least bit intimidated when she faced off against her spouse in the final games of the night. While it might have been ‘all over red rover’ for the Birds by then, she gave her all until the close of play.

The Bees team welcomed Cameron Williams back to the court this week who came in all guns blazing. His opponent found that even though Cameron has not had any match practice for a while, his skills and court smarts have not diminished at all.

Cameron contributed 161 points to the Bees bottom line.

By the time Kenton and Trez lined up against Meng and Vy for their final clashes of the night they both knew that the Birds had no hope of bringing home the bacon. Both of these players are however highly competitive no matter what the situation and were not daunted at all by Meng and Vy of the Bees team.

Kenton and Trez gave Meng and Vy what for in the first game winning by 21:14. After the change of ends Meng and Vy were keen to make up for their lapse in concentration, countering with a 21:17 win in turn. Trez and Kenton were gratified though with an overall win of 3 points. It was the Damien factor that made all the difference in the number 1 and 2 line up of the night in the final round of the match. In spite of long and loud vocalisations and valiant defence tactics on the part of the Birds pair;Greg and Santhosh; it was the Bees who once more reigned supreme 42:32.

BEES 809 defeated BIRDS 613