Talent honoured at hockey awards night

Week one of semi-finals really proved that anything can happen at finals time!

In the juniors, the Risdon Girls settled for draws to get their under 14 and 18 girls through to the prelims.

Crystal Brook fought hard to match Risdon’s three goals in 18s, but just couldn’t get through the strength of Lucy Dando and Jess Marwick to convert that final goal.

St Marks under 14s showed their 18s how it’s done, beating Crystal Brook 3-0.

Alphie Taylor proved why he is Best and Fairest by netting two goals and nabbing BOG, while Most Improved Hayden Scarman showed some outstanding skills for the Brookies alongside Darcy Gulin and Bodi Freer.

In the senior grades, Div 4 men put on a show between St Marks and Risdon on Friday night, being the first game into extra time.

I’m sure these blokes would have much preferred to call it a game and meet at the bar, but they battled it for an extra 10 minutes for Risdon to find the net and win 2-1.

Mid North Cruisers and St Andrews then took to the stage to finish up at full time 2-2.

It didn’t take long for Mid North Cruisers to score and keep their finals dreams alive.

On Saturday, the Brookies played in every senior time slot, and proved they are a club to be reckoned with when all of their senior teams progressed to the next round, scoring a massive 15 goals between the three teams.

The first game was the Div 2 Women against Risdon, winning straight out 6-0.

Captain and double whammy goal scorer Ali Gulin played a great game with Paula Peterson, while goalie Ashlee Williams got the votes for Risdon.

Div 3 Women were up next against St Andrews. At full time the score was left at 3-3, taking the girls into extra time.

Both teams fought hard with many short corners each, but just couldn’t convert and no doubt leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.

A quick break for the Brookies in the dying seconds of extra time left Tiahn Wendes to score her third goal for the game and secure their spot in the next round.

Jacqui Howarth, Sharon Combe and Di Murray got the umpires votes for the Saints.

The last game for the day had Brookies and Saints Div 3 Men, where Leith “on ya guts” Gulin showed Ali “whatever you can do, I can do too” scoring two goals, alongside Nick Mrozek and Kylen Malycha.

Jarrod White played hard for Saints, netting a goal and grabbing some votes too.

A quick costume change and back out again to the Association Presentation Night.

It was a great night showcasing the outstanding talent we have here at PP&DHA, and we are proud to have such great people within our association.

Putting out a big thank you to all those who were involved in getting the night organized, and also to Savoy Soccer Club for hosting us.

Congratulations to all the award recipients for season 2018.


Under 14 Girls

Most Improved Nominees – Kelsey Monaghan, St Andrews, Alex Spolding, St Marks, Neesa Marwick, Risdon, Daisy Gulin, Crystal Brook, Most Improved - Isabelle Dick, Panthers, Runner-up best and fairest - Tayla Syrgios, Risdon, Best and fairest - Edyn Manfield, St Marks

Under 14 Boys

Most Improved Nominees – Archer Besson, St Andrews, Harry Johnson, Risdon, Tehan Schoeman, St Marks, Aiden Blieschke, Panthers. Most Improved - Hayden Scarman, Crystal Brook. Runner-up best and fairest - Charlie Webb, Panthers. Best and fairest - Alphie Taylor, St Marks

Under 18 Girls

Sportsmanship Award Nominees – Hannah Mark, St Marks, Talia Phillips, Panthers, Laiken Bell, Risdon, Elyce Malycha, Crystal Brook. Sportsmanship Award - Quinn Lane, St Andrews. Highest goal scorer - Jordan Ganley (14 goals), Panthers. Runner-up best and fairest - Talia Phillips, Panthers, and Jessica Marwick, Risdon. Best and fairest - Piper George, St Andrews

Under 18 Boys

Sportsmanship Award Nominees – Harrison Kent, St Marks, Jay Norton, Panthers, Cooper Lane, St Andrews, Sportsmanship Award - Adam Jackson, Risdon. Highest goal scorer - Deon Smith (19 goals), Panthers. Runner-up best and fairest - Deon Smith, Panthers. Best and fairest - Harry Dando, Risdon

Under 18 Team of the Year


Mikayla Colyer, Panthers, Elyce Malycha, Crystal Brook, Jessica Marwick, Risdon, Alana Zubrinich, Risdon, Talia Phillips, Panthers, Edyn Manfield, St Marks, Piper George, St Andrews, Teneal Malycha, Crystal Brook, Katelyn Guy, St Marks, Grace Tattoli, Panthers, Lillian Keain, St Marks, Meg Fuchs, St Andrews, Montana Coe, Panthers, Alice Jackson, Crystal Brook, Emily Smart, St Andrews, Jordan Ganley, St Andrews


Ash Daley, St Marks, Harry Dando, Risdon, Ryan Monaghan, St Andrews, Jack Dickeson, St Marks, Simon Nguyen, St Marks, Hamish Barr, St Andrews, Lochlin Colyer, Risdon, Adam Jackson, Risdon, Deon Smith, Panthers, Deakin McLaughlin, Panthers, Cooper Lane, St Andrews, Ben Burgess, St Andrews, Ethan Northcott, Risdon, Owen Fuchs, Panthers, Tyler Wauchope, Risdon, Jay Norton, Panthers 

Senior award recipients

Division 4 Men

Highest goal scorer - Andrew Murray (11 goals), St Andrews. Runner-up best and fairest - Andrew Murray, St Andrews. Best and fairest - Paul Phillips, Panthers

Division 3 Women

High goal scorer - Sharon Combe (12 goals), St Andrews. Runner-up best and fairest - Annie Oxford, Panthers. Best and fairest - Fleur Greatorex, Crystal Brook

Division 3 Men

Highest goal scorer - Adam Conradi (28 goals), St Andrews. Runner-up best and fairest - Nick Mrozek-Hubbard, Crystal Brook. Best and fairest - Scott Tattoli, Strykers

Division 2 Women

Highest goal scorer - Maggie Ward (12 goals), St Andrews. Runner-up best and fairest - Melissa Lane, St Andrews. Best and fairest - Annette Lane, Panthers

Division 2 Men

Highest goal scorer - Dave Monaghan (26 goals), St Andrews. Runner-up best and fairest - Deakin McLaughlin, Panthers. Best and fairest - Andy Fuchs, Panthers

Division 1 Women

Highest goal scorer - Talia Phillips (16 goals), Panthers. Runner-up best and fairest - Paula Gardner, Mid North Cruisers. Best and fairest - Jessica Marwick, Risdon, Madeleine Jordan, Panthers, Sean Blieschke, Risdon

Division 1 Men

Highest goal scorer - Lee Kirchner (36 goals), Panthers. Runner-up best and fairest - Dylan Adams, Panthers. Best and fairest - Dominic Keain, St Andrews

Division 1 Team of the Year


Sean Blieschke, Risdon, Darcy Blieschke, Risdon, Elke Holze, Risdon, Jessica Marwick, Risdon, Danielle White, Risdon, Madeleine Jordan, Panthers, Deana Spencer, Panthers, Talia Phillips, Panthers, Kailah Bradley, Panthers, Kath Johnson, St Andrews, Jordan Ganley, St Andrews, Danica Manfield, St Andrews, Demi Freer, St Andrews, Paula Gardner, Mid North Cruisers, Ilona Flockhart, Mid North Cruisers, Amy Sparks, Mid North Cruisers


John Leske, Panthers, Cavan Smith, Panthers, Dylan Adams, Panthers, Lee Kirchner, Panthers, Matt Lowe, Panthers, Deon Smith, Panthers, Samuel Ferme, Dominic Keane, St Andrews, Dominic Keane, St Andrews, Angelo Anastasiou, St Andrew, Kane Daws, St Andrews, Mitchell Young, St Andrews, Clayton Ramsay, Risdon, Thomas Dickeson, Risdon, Harry Dando, Risdon, Dwayne Ramsay, Risdon, Adam Jackson, Risdon