Forrest does it again!

Goodness me, a full weekend of golf to report on. I had the trots to cover to boot, so busy, busy.

On Saturday the Final of the W.K. Mallyon Cup was played in conjunction with the normal day’s play.

Then on Sunday the final round of the Club Championships was played and tallied.

Only a couple of the players went for the double header, those in with a real chance for the Club title tended to keep themselves fit and keen for the Sunday round.

There can be nothing like seeing your name added to the honour board as Club Champion.

While it is prestigious to win despite what Grade you are in, it is the A Grade winner who is religiously known as the Club Champion.

Going into the competition, Stuart Thorpe had been leading in both the Gross and Handicap in C Grade.

By the end of play he had become the 2018 C Grade Champion, having played a ninety eight of the stick and Alan Peters had reigned in the Handicap Section of the play.

In both of these sections Tim Smith and Vance Remphrey had been runners/up respectively.

Bob Riding had led the Gross competition into the day’s play and Kevin Stokes had been ahead in the Handicap section of B Grade.

It had been Kevin Stokes who had finished the day as the winner  in the B Grade Handicap section and Ray Rontaunay who had come from behind to take out the title as the B Grade Champion for this year.

Then had come the big guns. Only six golfers had taken part in the Handicap section of A Grade.

It was pretty certain that Roger Kirchner was unlikely to be beaten, having been five strokes ahead of Tony Ridge at the start of play.

Five handicap strokes is quite a few strokes to peg back at this level.

And that was just how it had panned out – Roger Kirchner had finished his day’s play with a total of 261 points and Tony Ridge with 262, the play had been close all over the programme  but none more so than in the Gross of A Grade.

Six good players, well obviously six of the best in the club, fronted up for the Champion of Champions spot for the year.

They had finished in this order respectively, Jayson Meyers, Wayne Forrest, Andrew Chivell, Tony Ridge, Roger Kirchner and Grant Norton, with only six strokes difference from whoa to go.

Wayne Forrest, what can you say about him, he is concentration perfect and a perfectionist in himself.

Forrest arrives at the course early, giving himself ample time to have a practice, limber up and relax.

He is always immaculately dressed, dressed for action, you know that he means business.

When you have an Eagle and a Birdie on the front nine, you know that this could be your day – surely! But I mean, what would I know.

Another Eagle – two last week, one this week, some good golf happening around the traps.

The third caught him out by surprise when he finished that hole one over, but to finish the front nine two under, he was on the boil.

But wait, Tony Ridge had matched that score. Playing in the other group, the third had also thrown Ridge off track, finishing with a five, one over.

But Ridge had something else up his sleeve and he had soon corrected the third with three birdies.

I bet his knees had been knockin’ together at that stage when he also had finished the front nine, two under.

Roger Kirchner had been able to score a thirty five on his card, so he knew that he was on song also.

One over for Andrew Chivell may have left him a little disappointed with his game.

Combine that with a three over on the back nine and yes, he told me to take no photos of a loser.

But honestly, to shoot a seventy five off the stick is no shame by any margin, just no quite good enough on the day.

Grant Norton’s downfall may have started at three, when he had shot the hole three over.

He had signed his card with his score standing at forty two on the front and back, not the best of days for him.

Roger Kirchner had lost his way on the back nine finishing with a forty, five over and Jayson Meyers with a three over, thirty eight.

Meyers also had shot a seventy five off the stick, so again, brilliant golf.

And so it came back to the two hot shots of the day, Forrest and the understated Ridge.

Well, on the day it would have been Ridge’s day. What a round of golf.

Thirty four on the front, two under and thirty four on the back, one under, giving him a total score of sixty eight off the stick, three under par.

No wonder he had been shaking when he had come into the clubhouse.

Forrest had finished two under par on the front and pared the back nine.

Yes, on the day it had been Ridge’s day.

However, this culmination of four rounds had left him two shots behind Forrest. Do the maths?  

Ridge had won the battle but not the war.

Wayne Forrest finished the four rounds on 284 shots and Tony Ridge on 285.

Could it get any closer! So, once again, with consistent, persistent golf, Wayne Forrest was the 2018 Club Champion.

But congratulations to everyone who competed, well done!

The Saturday play had been the Final Round of the W.K. Mallyon Cup, run over three rounds.

This trophy over recent years has been most generously sponsored by Brian Key.

His love of tradition has inspired him to keep this match flowing on from its first conception.

Brian always has the heart of wellbeing of the club at heart and we all appreciate his hard work and devotion.

The Cup had been won Phil Johns with Runner Up, Matt Kennedy.

The Stableford round of the day also had gone to Phil Johns, a good day in all.

Next week is the Lu Tolosa Memorial and is sponsored by – me!

Until then, happy golfing!


2018 Club Championships

Off the stick A Grade :- Wayne Forrest 69 284

Tony Ridge 285 68 Runner/Up

Jayson Meyers 75 289

Andrew Chivell 75 291

Roger Kirchner 75 294

Grant Norton 84 304

B Grade:- Ray Rontaunay 83 326

Kevin Stokes 83 327 R/Up

Robert Riding 90 329

C Grade - Stuart Thorpe 98 365

Alan Peters 93 366

Tim Smith 389 68 R/Up

Vance Remphrey 93 370

Handicap A Grade- Roger Kirchner 68 261

Tony Ridge 64 262

Wayne Forrest 65 269

Jason Meyers 72 275 R/Up

Andrew Chivell 71 275

Grant Norton 78 277

B Grade - Kevin Stokes - 70 269

Ray Rontaunay 71 275

Robert Riding 78 278

C Grade - Stuart Thorpe 74 265

Alan Peters 72 286 Winnner 

Tim Smith 68 285

Vance Remphrey 74 292 R/Up