Bugs’ hopes dashed at the death knock

The Bugs came very close to winning round 16 when they took on the Birds.

They have been sitting at the bottom of the ladder all season.

It was alas not to be for the Birds dashed their hopes right at the death knock after chasing a deficit of more than 30 points.

It was the Birds who drew first blood however with a convincing win by Greg Fidge and Kenton Franks over Nate T and Meng Toh 42:35.

Kane Leeman and Trez Ladra also held their own up against John Pop and Tanya Williams winning the first in a tight finish of 21:20 and only conceding 2 in the second 19:21.

Ruth Jacka and Rosie Arnold took a game to settle into a rhythm with a loss of eight points before the change of ends.

Their opponents; David Cojocea and Moore were surprised to find that with a change of perspective, the Bird’s pair found their form and won the second by two points.

In the second round the Birds faltered badly.

The only combination to win any games at all were Trez Ladra and Damien Berneaux who resoundingly defeated their Bugs opposition 42:23.

The Bugs team looked set to win the match.

The Birds held their own in the third round, playing measure for measure in most encounters.

The difference in the bottom line for this round was only two.

Nate T and Tanya Williams of the Bugs; having both had a slow start in their previous games, were gratified to dish out a wakeup call to Greg Fidge and Trez Ladra who were starting to take it all a bit for granted.

The Bugs pair won this bout 42:35.

Jonty Perry was having a dream run up until the fourth round when he and Moore came up against Sarah Tan and Rosie Arnold.

Sarah and Rosie combined especially well together to contribute significantly to the fight back being staged by their fellow team mates.

They won this line up 42:33. Kenton and Damien had already forged the way ahead by belting Bugs twosome Gary Holthouse and Meng Toh by 12 points. 42:30.

Ruth Jacka and Tan finished of the round with another perfect score when they won against Bugs pair David and Mei 42:37.

The Birds won the fourth round by a whopping 24 points. They were back in the mix.

The difference between the sides was now a mere seven points.

It was ‘game on’ heading into the fifth and final round of the night.

When Ruth Jacka and Sarah Tan of the Birds and David Cojocea and Jonty Perry of the Bugs took to the court to determine the outcome of the match; the scores were almost even with the Bugs on 706 and the Birds on 705!

Ruth and Sarah won the first in a tight finish of 21:20.

After the change of ends they upped the ante, they could see that elusive light at the end of the tunnel and won the second by 21:15.

The Birds won by 6 points!

BIRDS 747 defeated the BUGS 741.