Cooper Promnitz claims Yates Medal

A most successful presentation night for the Port Pirie Junior Football Association was held at the Port Clubrooms on Monday, August 20.

At this, the count for the Yates Medal for the best U13 player was held. Cooper Promnitz, a worthy recipient, was presented with this medal by his grandfather, Les Promnitz, the president of the SGL. Cooper is following in his father’s footsteps, for Matt Promnitz was also a Yates Medal winner.

Jake Osborne from the Port Football Club was runner up and Deakin Murphy from St Mark’s was in third place. They also received their trophies from Les Promnitz.

The inaugural U13 Team of the Year was announced and these players were presented with their medallions on the night.

The inclusion of Timeka Cox in this team is a reflection of the talent of female players in the Junior competition. Their numbers are increasing.

Mitchell Cretan, an U13 player who is also developing as a skilled umpire, was recognised on the night for his umpiring in the U15 carnival at Jamestown.

Following the elimination finals for the U13s on Wednesday, August 22, the winners will play in the grand final on Sunday, August 26, at the Globe Oval.

Prior to this, for all four teams, there will be U11 exhibition games beginning at 9.15 am.


Port: Blake Hanlon, Tom McNamara, Oscar Gray, Baylee Connelly, Declan Taylor, Jake Osborne, Eddie Osborne, Timeka Cox, Fraser Doyle

St Mark’s: Marshall Mieglich, Kye Boulton, Kallan Caputo, Deakin Murphy, Beau Allen, Henry Hunter

Prop/Risdon: Cooper Promnitz, Cameron Ferrand, Ethan Sims, Rylan Akker, Tyson Webber

Solomontown: Blake Stuckey, Jake Twigden, Kaidyn Goodridge, Caleb Martin