Shake-up to leader board

COURSE ACTION: Stuart Thorpe putts onto the 18th recently.

COURSE ACTION: Stuart Thorpe putts onto the 18th recently.

It is always good to get a new member and it is even better when they can hit a ball and give the leaderboard a bit of a shake-up. Mark Johnson, although a new member to our club, is not a newbie to golf. It was almost Mark Johnson who had taken out the Steve Eberhard Memorial Stroke competition last Saturday. Grant Norton and Johnson had both signed their card at 68 strokes. But with Norton on a six handicap his advantage was over Johnson, who plays on a handicap of 20. Although, with inside information at hand I do believe that he has been knocked down to 17 points something for next week’s play. Norton played a decent round of golf with six pars over the front nine and then pared the back nine with 35 strokes. Johnson completed his card with nine pars to his credit and was only just squeezed out of the winner’s chair. It was the early morning players day though, they had no rain and the slightest bit of wind whereas the poor old afternoon players, well they hit rain, sleet, hail, cyclonic winds, you name it. Great scores by all for the terrible conditions that they played under. So I would say that the handicap of Mr Johnson just may continue to fall in the near future. Our handicapper is heartless you know!

Gary Ryan wasn’t far of the pace again finishing with a 78 off the stick, his handicap of eight bringing him down to a 70. As did Wayne Forrest, Trevor Spillman and Tony Minerds, all finishing with a 70 score. Again it shows how fair the handicap system works for everyone over all. These four players play on handicaps ranging from four to 15, but the handicap system gives them all a chance to take home a ball – or more. The Eberhard Family and friends arrived in full support of the Steve Eberhard Memorial Day, wonderful to see, with a fair proportion coming up from Adelaide. The boys all played golf – in the vile conditions, I couldn’t believe it, but well done all. Annette is a wonderful supporter of the club and the club certainly appreciates her sponsorship as they would appreciate the chance to honour Steve in this way. Many thanks to the family.

I was looking through the cards and wondered what had happened to Jayson Meyers, he was a wee way down the pack. But then I thought, give the lad a break, he still shot a 77 off the stick and with his handicap of three, well, it makes it pretty hard to get to the top of the list.Tony Ridge is down on a handicap of four so it is hard for him also, although he does have that break through every now and again. Wally Zilm and Roger Kirchner were both around the place, both completing their 18 with 73s.

It was nice to see a couple of old members in town for the weekend and out for a hit of golf. Alby Tigges made it over from WA and Bluey Johns was up in Pirie from the Murray. Both were here for the Solly Ball and to catch up with old mates. Another great thing to see during the week had been our dear old friend, David Langston, back on the course. That did warm the cockles of my heart through and through. And while David might argue that he has lost it, well, he has lost more than I ever had to start with. What a beautiful pitch onto the eighth. So good to see you out again, Mr Langston.

The NTPs went to Wayne Forrest, Tony Minerds, Terry Gloede, Jim Scavarelli and Dino Tattoli while the Long Drives for the day were earnt by Trevor Spillman in A Grade, Bluey Johns in B and Dino Tattoli in C Grade. It was nice to see Tattoli take home a couple of prizes for the day. Dino has just retired after four years voluntary service as bar manager. As John Mullins said, it was one of the most rewarding things he had ever done in asking Dino if he would mind spending some time behind the bar. Dino is a natural people person and has been one of the best assets the club has had for a while.

His cheery nature and wonderful people skills have drawn people and clientele to him. His good and honest work ethic has stood him well and he will be sorely missed behind the bar and in the dining room. He has been a pleasure to work with. It takes a special person to be a good bar person and he definitely was that. Thank you, Dino.

Next week is the Betta View Windows Trophy day, a stroke round. It is only a couple of weeks until the final of the Men’s Championships, so hone up those clubs, nothing like being the Club Champion for 2018.

Until then, happy golfing!